Tourist fishing licence - extension (exemptions from the fishing licence requirement - authorisation) Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

As a rule, a fishing licence is issued only if a corresponding expert examination has been taken. Persons who do not have a fishing licence (with examination) but still wish to fish can benefit from a derogation in M-V by issuing a fishing licence limited to 28 days. A corresponding brochure on the essential issues of fisheries and animal welfare law will be issued with the certificate. The first original ticket can be renewed as often as you like in the respective calendar year for a period of up to 28 days.

written request The written application is available from the competent authorities or can also be downloaded from the website of the Upper Fisheries Authority.

The applicant must be 14 years of age (children < 14 years do not require a fishing licence - but a fishing permit for the water). A declaration by the applicant that he acquires the knowledge necessary for the exercise of fishing on the basis of the brochure "The time-limited fishing licence in M-V" (application form) shall be made. A declaration by the applicant that no final conviction has been made in the five years prior to the application for a criminal offence against fishing, animal welfare, water and environmental legislation or for theft of fish or fishing gear (application form) shall be made. A declaration by the applicant that no fine procedure for a breach of the above-case rules has been carried out in the three years prior to the application (application form) shall be made.

In addition to the fishing licence, each angler also needs a water-specific fishing permit, which can be obtained from the fishing authority (inland fisherman, fishing association, municipality) of the water. Fishing permits for the coastal waters of the country M-V are issued by the Upper Fisheries Authority (LALLF M-V).
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