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The funeral allowance will be paid to those who have paid for the funeral of the deceased. It is: for persons entitled to a pension: 874.00 Euro (from 01.07.17: 891 Euro) 1,745.00 Euro if death is the result of damage (from 01.07.17: 1,778 Euro) for non-pensioners: 1,745.00 Euro if death is the result of damage (from 01.07.17: 1,778 Euro) The funeral allowance is first paid the cost of the funeral to the one who provided the funeral. This also applies if the costs of the funeral have been covered by public funds. If there is a surplus, the spouse, partner, children, parents, step-parents, foster parents, grandchildren, grandparents, siblings and siblings are entitled to move in succession if they have lived in domestic communion with the deceased at the time of death. In the absence of such beneficiaries, the surplus shall not be paid out.

death certificate Invoice for funeral expenses

The application forms can be obtained from the competent authority.

You have borne the funeral costs Death shall always be deemed to be the result of injury if a damaged person dies from a condition which has been legally recognised as a result of injury and for which he was granted a pension at the time of death.

Benefits to be granted on the basis of other statutory provisions (e.B. death benefit from health insurance or civil servants' care) are credited to the funeral allowance. If a damaged victim dies as a result of damage outside his permanent residence, the necessary costs for the transfer of the corpse shall be reimbursed. This does not apply if death occurred during a stay abroad. In this case, however, you can apply for aid.
You can apply for funeral expenses from the competent authority. If you are unable to visit the competent body (e.g. for health reasons), send an informal application and attach the required documents in a copy.

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