Emission declaration according to BimschG - Levy

Pursuant to Section 27 of the Federal Immission Protection Act (BImSchG), operators of industrial and agricultural enterprises in need of approval in accordance with the 4th BImSchV are obliged to explain the air pollutant emissions emitted by their plants. Operators of installations listed in Section 1 of the 11th BImSchV are not subject to explanation. The emission declarations of the plant operators shall contain information on the nature, quantity, spatial and temporal distribution of all relevant air pollution.

The content of the emission declaration is defined by Section 3 and the Annex to the 11th BImSchV.

The emission declaration data must be recorded online via the Internet using the BUBE software.

Pursuant to Section 4(3) of the 11th BImSchV, who ever operated the installation during the reporting period is obliged to issue an emission declaration. Where the installation is put into operation, decommissioned or temporarily not operated during the declaration period, the declaration period shall include the parts of the calendar year in which the installation was operated.
The emission declaration must be issued by the operators in electronic form. In order to prepare the emission declaration, the federal registration software (BUBE - Operational Environmental Reporting) is made available to the person responsible for declaring. With the BUBE Online software, the emission declaration data must be recorded online via the Internet and forwarded to the competent authority ( www.stalu-mv.de ). The operator of an installation must issue an emission declaration which corresponds to the content of the 11th BImSchV. Emissions for all substances must be reported in accordance with Section 3 (1) of the 11th BImSchV. The information in the emission declaration shall be provided for the reporting period. The first reporting period for the emission declaration was the calendar year 2008 after the 11th BImSchV. An emission declaration must then be issued for each fourth calendar year.

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