Connection of a plot of land to the public drinking water supply

Public water supply is a compulsory task, which is in principle the responsibility of the municipalities within the framework of their self-government. They have to supply the population and the commercial and other establishments with sufficient drinking and service water in their territory, but they can also delegate these tasks to other bodies governed by public law (e.B. special purpose associations). For the municipalities, own companies or own companies often perform the tasks (e.B. Stadtwerke). There is no obligation to provide the municipalities with 1. if the supply is not technically or due to the disproportionate effort, and 2. for the supply of domestic water, where it is reasonable for the consumer to limit or otherwise meet this need. If the water supply of the property is provided by public water supply systems, you must contact the municipality or the responsible water supply company if you have any questions.

You must ask the relevant municipality or .dem competent special purpose association which documents are required for the specific occasion. They have often published on their homepage the corresponding water supply regulations and information on application documents.

Forms: on the website of the respective special purpose association / water supply association or the competent municipality if necessary, online procedures possible: depending on the responsible water supply company Written form required: yes personal appearance necessary: no

Prerequisites for connection to the public water supply system and the purchase of water / drinking water are regulated in the water supply regulations of the respective municipality or the competent special purpose association. The technical requirements must exist or be produced with reasonable effort. As a rule, you must be the owner or owner of the land to be connected; Owners or homeowners are usually equal to the owner, and the land must be located close to a ready-to-use public utility.
Check with your municipality or your special purpose association / water supply association whether your property is close to a ready-to-use public water supply line. Then you can apply for a drinking water connection. As a rule, the municipality has posted a corresponding application form on its website. Here you will be informed about the most important information and documents to be submitted for the application. You can also obtain forms from the municipal, municipal or special purpose association administration in paper form. Often an informal written request is sufficient. An installation company approved for your domestic water supply system must normally be involved in the application process. The municipality or the special purpose association will inform you about the next steps after the application has been submitted.