Organ donation - Fill in your ID card Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Many people suffering from particularly serious diseases (e.B. liver, heart, kidney or lung diseases) can only be saved by organ transplant. With an organ donation certificate, you can consent to organ or tissue removal after your death, contradict it, Limit your consent to certain organs or tissues, or transfer the decision to relatives or confidants. Note: The general determination of death in respiratory and cardiac arrest can be made by any doctor. However, the prerequisite for organ donation is the diagnosis of "brain death". This is subject to binding, particularly strict directives. Two experienced intensive care physicians must document the diagnosis after detailed clinical and physical examinations. Your organ donation card will remain valid for as long as you wish. If you fill in an organ donation card, your personal data will not be registered. You can therefore change your decision at any time by destroying your ID or filling in a new one (e.B. with an amended consent to remove certain organs). Talk to your close relatives about your attitude to organ donation so that they can know your decision and act on your mind if necessary. Tip: Further information on organ donation can be provided by the German Organ Transplantation Foundation and the Federal Centre for Health Education. Attention: Your health insurance company is obliged to inform you regularly about organ and tissue donation (from the age of 16 years). It must provide you with appropriate information documents and provide you with competent advice on any questions you may have. The health insurance company asks you to document your attitude towards organ and tissue donation - preferably in an organ donation certificate. The declaration is voluntary.


Prerequisites are: for consent and transfer of the decision to donate organs or tissues: you must be at least 16 years old. for the contradiction to organ or tissue donation: you must be at least 14 years old.
You can download, print and fill in the organ donation card on the website of the Ministry of Social Affairs. You will also receive it free of charge at the Federal Centre for Health Education, with the health insurance companies, in many pharmacies and medical practices as well as passport and registration authorities. You can also set your consent to organ donation in an informal letter or discuss it with your relatives. Tip: Always carry your organ donation card with your other identification documents. It is most likely to be found there if necessary. Or keep it with close relatives or other confidants who are informed in the event of an accident.