Support for people and their families with mental illness

The aim of integration assistance is to avoid a threatening mental disability or to eliminate or mitigate the consequences of a disability. Their participation in life in the community should be maintained or restored after a longer hospital stay or prolonged isolation. You will find support in coping with daily life. These include in particular: living finances budgetary management leisure activities the promotion of private contacts and hobbies, (preparation and support), unless the task of a legal supervisor parenthood The care period is usually designed for a longer period of time and is individually designed. The costs of the benefits shall be borne by the competent integration assistance institution when an individual need for assistance is identified. Income and assets may be credited.

An informal application to the competent authority suffices. This will ask you to use a form and submit further documents.

the existence of an actual or imminent mental disability as well as a restriction of participation. The individual need for support is identified in the context of a participation and overall plan procedure by the competent integration assistance institution.
Many health insurance companies provide detailed information on the subject of mental health. In most cases, you will find contacts and applications on the website to help you.

You shall contact the integration assistance provider responsible for you. There you can ask for advice and support or make an informal application. The competent authority will ask you to fill in a form and submit further documents. The Authority will carry out a participation and/or overall plan procedure to determine your individual needs for integration assistance. When all documents are available, the competent authority checks on the basis of your information whether or to what extent you will receive integration assistance. After examining your application, you will receive a notice of approval or rejection.