Request re-registration of your motor vehicle (without changing the holder) Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If you have moved to another registration area, you must re-register your vehicle immediately. If you want to keep the previous number plate on your registered vehicle, you can do so nationwide. The address will then only be changed in your vehicle documents (registration certificate Part I). If you do not wish to use the license plate, you still have the option to apply for a new license plate. Additional charges apply for a desired number plate. You must immediately re-register your motor vehicle with the local registration authority, in whose district you will: Main residence, Headquarters or have your branch. If you move within the county, you don't have to re-register your vehicle. However, you must submit the Part I registration certificate to the licensing authority for correction of the address. If your vehicle has a fine dust badge, it may become invalid due to new license plates. If you want to drive in environmental zones and do not have an exemption permit, you should also apply for a new fine dust badge when re-registering. Note:Vehicles may be registered as vehicle owners on private individuals and legal persons or companies, i.e. also on: corporate Authorities or clubs. If you have purchased or leased your vehicle on credit and the financing bank or lessor has received the vehicle letter or registration certificate Part II (ZB II) for security, please contact them first and arrange for the document to be sent to the registration authority for amendment. You can call the registration office for the receipt of the ZB II or the vehicle letter.

valid identity card or passport with your last registration confirmation Test report on the last main examination, e.g. TÜV, DEKRA, GTÜ, KÜS, GTS, FSP Caution: You must provide additional documentation. The required documents for re-registration without changing the holder differ depending on the federal lad and depending on whether you use the license plate with you or not. Please check with your local licensing authority. Registration certificate Part I (old: vehicle registration certificate) Registration certificate Part II (old: vehicle letter) changed identity card or passport with current registration certificate valid main examination (HU/TÜV); Testing period must not have expired previous number plates, unless the vehicle is decommissioned Declaration of participation in the direct debit procedure (car tax) eVB (electronic 7-digit insurance confirmation additionally when applying for legal entities: by representative: issued power of attorney and the original or copy of your identity card or passport with a registration certificate from the reporting authority of your place of residence for companies (GmbH, AG, OHG): trade register extract, business registration and power of attorney of the managing director for associations: extract from the register of associations, identity card and power of attorney of the designated representative for civil law companies: to provide a complete overview of the shareholders (usually a partnership agreement); Power of attorney and declaration on which natural person the admission is to be granted (confirmed by signature by all shareholders)

Forms: you will receive from your local licensing authority Online procedure possible: yes, via the online portal of the local competent licensing authority Written form required: yes Personal appearance necessary: no

You may not have vehicle tax debts of EUR 5 or more. The amount shall also take into account late payment surcharges, interest and late payment surcharges. You will not be able to re-register the vehicle until you have registered with your municipality. Note: If you are to be represented by someone in the registration of your vehicle, you must give that person a written power of attorney. This power of attorney must also include your consent that the licensing authority may inform the authorised person of arrencurable fees and expenses from you.

Before the vehicle documents can be changed to your new name or address, the re-registration must be made to the resident registration office responsible for you. The approval authority automatically passes the change notification to the tax office.
You can apply for re-registration (without changing holders) online or in person with your local licensing authority. Personal application: Check with your local licensing authority to see if a form is available for download. Ask what documents you need for the procedure. Use the completed form and the required documents to go to your competent licensing authority. If you make use of the license plate, the change of your address will only be made in your vehicle documents (registration certificate part I). If you do not wish to use the license plate, you still have the option to apply for a new license plate. Tip: If you need new license plates, you can contact private providers. These are usually found near the licensing authority. The approval authority will place the badge (main inspection and new stamp badge) on your new number plate. At the same time, you will receive a new registration certificate Part I. If your vehicle has a fine dust badge, it will become invalid due to new license plates. If you want to drive in environmental zones and do not have an exemption permit, you should also apply for a new fine dust badge when re-registering. Online procedure: Go to the online portal of your local licensing authority. Identify yourself there with your new electronic identity card (nPA) or electronic residence permit (eAT) with activated online identification function. Enter the necessary data in the application form of the portal. Pay the fee using the e-payment system (payment varies depending on the competent licensing authority). If previous flags are retained: The application is automatically checked in real time. The approval notice will be made available online immediately and can be accessed within 30 minutes. Your vehicle is re-registered with the registration notice. You can put it into operation. Print the registration notice and carry it in your vehicle until the registration certificate Part I is received. The Part I registration certificate and a letter of information will be sent to you by post from your licensing authority. If new markings are requested: The application shall be examined by a clerk. Approval notice as well as fee notice, registration certificate Part I and II, stamp holders and the badge carrier for the main examination (HU) for sticking on the number plate are sent by post from the approval authority. Your vehicle has been re-registered. After receiving the registration documents, you can put the vehicle into operation.

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