Certificate of Registration Part II - Amendment

The registration certificate Part II (former vehicle letter) must indicate technical changes to the vehicle (e.g. vehicle class, engine capacity, rated power, fuel type). Changes in the holder data (e.g. name changes by marriage) must also be recorded, as well as changes in the holder data by purchasing a car.

In all cases

  • Registration certificate Part I (vehicle registration certificate)
  • Registration certificate Part II (vehicle letter)
  • in the case of companies, in addition to business registration or commercial register extract
  • Identity card or
  • Passport with registration certificate of the population registration office
  • or (in the case of foreign citizens) foreign ID and registration certificate of the registration office.

If you entrust a third party with the registration of the change, the third party requires a written power of attorney from you. He must also submit your personal document (in copy) to the licensing authority. He himself must have the personnel document that is relevant to him in order to identify himself.

In addition to technical changes

  • where appropriate, opinions of an officially recognised expert
  • or acceptance confirmation of a test engineer of an approved test organisation
  • Operating licence of the parts manufacturer
  • Proof of the main examination.

  • in case of modification of the vehicle type additionally new electronic insurance confirmation
  • Section 13(1) Ordinance on the Registration of Vehicles for Road Traffic (Vehicle Registration Ordinance - FZV)
  • Charging regulations for road transport measures (GebOSt)

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