Vehicle registration plates - Allocation Of export registration plates Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If an unregistered vehicle is to be permanently transported abroad by its own power, an export registration plate must be applied for from a vehicle registration authority. The prerequisite for this is a valid main examination and proof of an existing motor vehicle liability insurance. The vehicle must be shown for identity checks. The export authorisation shall be limited to one year at most. The expiry date shall be indicated on the number plate and in the Part I registration certificate. The registration certificate must be carried with you on each journey.

Motor vehicle letter/registration certificate Part II Certificate of registration for vehicles or vehicle registration certificate Part I with a note on deregistration before 1.10.2005 vehicle registration certificate Part I and number plates for registered vehicles valid HU until the expiry of the validity of the export labels Personal documents (passport) or identity card of the applicant (transfer abroad is not exclusively by foreigners) with proof of the address abroad Insurance card for international motor vehicle traffic

When applying for the export registration number, the vehicle tax must be paid. As a rule, the vehicle tax is collected by direct debit. To do so, the applicant must present the direct debit authorisation for a domestic (German) bank account. If there is no domestic bank account, the vehicle tax required on the tax notice must be paid directly to the main customs office.

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