Company number for social security declarations assigned on request Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

As an employer, you must register your employees for social insurance. To do this, you need a company number.

As soon as you employ the first person who is subject to compulsory insurance, you must apply for a company number for the company in which the person is employed.

The company number is usually assigned by the Federal Employment Agency upon electronic application. A customer data record is created for you in which your company master data is registered. On the basis of the company number, the social insurance agencies can then allocate the notifications to the health, pension and unemployment insurance to your company of employment.

One or more company numbers?

  • If you are the employer of an enterprise with only one location, you only need 1 establishment number.
  • You will need several establishment numbers if you have establishments in several municipalities.
  • You also need several establishment numbers if you are the owner of several establishments (as separate economic units).

Head office abroad

If you are an employer based abroad, you may need a company number - if you have to report workers employed in Germany to the German social insurance system. This could be, for example, sales staff or customer service staff working from a home office.

Special rules for private households, miners and maritime companies

  • You want to employ someone in your private household on a marginal scale (mini-job): Please contact the Minijob-Zentrale of the Deutsche Rentenversicherung Knappschaft-Bahn-See.
  • You are a miners' company (extraction of minerals, e.g. coal), you employ staff in a miners' company or you employ workers who carry out miners' work in mines or who are used for rehabilitation work in opencast mines: Please contact the German Pension Insurance Knappschaft-Bahn-See.
  • You are a maritime company (including coastal fishermen and coastal skippers): Please contact the Deutsche Rentenversicherung Knappschaft-Bahn-See.

You must provide the following minimum information:

  • the name used in legal transactions by the employment business, including any additions to the legal form,
  • Sole proprietorship / partnership under civil law: the first name and surname of the proprietor or partners,
  • sole proprietorship not entered in the commercial register: First name and surname of the employer,
  • private household: first name and surname of the head of the household,
  • the employment address, i.e. the current address of the place of employment where the employees actually work,
  • if necessary, a different address to be used for mail delivery,
  • additional communication channels such as telephone number, fax or e-mail address,
  • economic focus of the employing enterprise,
  • contact person (name, function, telephone number) for queries regarding the registration procedure - this can also be contact data of a commissioned service provider such as a tax consultancy,
  • If another company within the enterprise registers employees for social insurance: the name, address, and company number of this company.

As a rule, however, the company number service of the Federal Employment Agency does not require any written evidence in order to process your application.

Forms: yes, electronic
Online procedure possible: yes
Written form required: no
Personal appearance required: no

Deutsche Rentenversicherung Knappschaft-Bahn-See (DRV KBS) - Minijob-Zentrale

Deutsche Rentenversicherung Knappschaft-Bahn-See (DRV KBS) - Dezernat VII.1.1

Deutsche Rentenversicherung Knappschaft-Bahn-See (DRV KBS) - Dezernat VII.1.5

Bundesagentur für Arbeit (BA), Betriebsnummern-Service


You employ an employee subject to compulsory insurance in the relevant company for the first time.

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Please apply for your company number electronically. You can submit the application yourself or commission a third party to do so, for example a tax advisor.

  • Call up the online application on the website of the Federal Employment Agency.
  • Answer the initial questions in the selection fields and follow the online form through the rest of the application process.
  • In most cases, the company number will be assigned and displayed immediately.
  • In addition, the employer will receive a postal confirmation of the establishment number and master data stored.

Note: If there are changes in the master data or if the business closes, you must immediately notify the Federal Employment Agency electronically. Your payroll accounting software usually automatically triggers a corresponding notification to the Federal Employment Agency as soon as you enter the corresponding changes in the master data there.

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