Plant protection equipment: request inspection of new equipment and entry in the "Descriptive List Substantial Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

As a manufacturer or commercial supplier, you can have the Julius Kühn Institute (JKI) check whether your plant protection device complies with the requirements of the Plant Protection Act.

The JKI offers various types of voluntary testing with different scopes. The JKI enters the successfully tested plant protection devices or device parts in the so-called "Descriptive List". The devices listed there fulfil the legal requirements of the Plant Protection Act.

Users, for example in agriculture or horticulture, can use the "Descriptive List" to determine, among other things, which crop protection equipment they may use to apply certain crop protection products that require approval. For manufacturers, voluntary testing is important, among other things, for the EU-wide sale of their equipment.

The JKI offers these voluntary tests:

  • Testing for compliance with the requirements of the Plant Protection Act: In a document check, the JKI checks documents such as instructions for use, description sheets or technical data for completeness and plausibility. An optional technical check extends the document check to include a visual inspection of the device (without technical measurements). The successful check can be helpful for the CE declaration of conformity for the EU-wide distribution of your product.
  • Test for JKI recognition: The JKI test seal "Officially tested and recognized" certifies properties of your crop protection device that go beyond the legally required minimum standard. The recognition includes technical tests in test stands of the JKI. Tests in practical use are carried out by the plant protection services of the federal states.
  • Testing for entry in the "Descriptive List" as defined by the Plant Protection Act: Plant protection equipment that has already undergone the recognition procedure can additionally be tested for drift reduction or saving of plant protection agents. These properties are important in practice so that, for example, certain crop protection agents may be used with your device.

For voluntary testing, submit these documents:

  • Instructions for use
  • Description of the device type
  • Pictorial representation of the complete device, e.g. as a photo

For JKI recognition additionally:

  • Confirmation of the accident-proof design of the device. As a rule, you will receive this confirmation from the central association of the agricultural social insurance.
  • if applicable: confirmation of compliance with the road traffic licensing regulations, for example in the case of trailers or self-propelled implements

For the examination for entry in the "Descriptive List":

  • List of designs to be entered on the "Loss Reducing Devices" list. This list may include all designs equipped with the device tested for drift reduction or pesticide savings, even if not tested as a complete device.
  • List of designs to be included in the list of loss reducing devices

- Forms: yes
- Online procedure possible: no
- Written form required: no
- Personal appearance required: no
- Confidence level: substantial

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There are no prerequisites.

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You can submit the application for voluntary testing and entry in the "Descriptive List" by post:

  • Download the application form from the website of the Julius Kühn-Institut (JKI). Send the signed form with company stamp and the required documents by mail to the JKI.
  • The JKI will check your documents and contact you if it needs further proof. If the expected fees and charges exceed EUR 5,000.00, the JKI will send you an advance invoice for 50 percent of the total costs.
  • In the next step, the JKI will arrange an appointment with you for an inspection of your device or device part. The inspection usually takes place on site at the JKI in Braunschweig. You are responsible for the arrival and departure of the device. Please make sure that you are insured within the scope of the legal liability for damages during transport as well as during the test.
  • After a positive test, the JKI will send you a notification. In addition, the JKI publishes your device in the "Descriptive List".
  • You pay the amount still due for the test less any advance payment already made.

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