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If you are in dispute with your telecommunications provider, you can, under certain conditions, contact the Telecommunications Consumer Arbitration Board of the Federal Network Agency. It can help to settle the dispute without having to go to court.

The aim of the conciliation procedure is to reach an amicable settlement as quickly as possible in the interests of both parties. In this way, long and possibly expensive court proceedings can be avoided.

You can submit an application for conciliation to the Telecommunications Consumer Conciliation Board if you have already tried unsuccessfully to resolve the matter with your provider yourself. Telecommunications providers mainly include internet, mobile and fixed network providers.

Your application must show that your provider may not have fulfilled an obligation. The conciliation body can become active if this obligation is related to certain provisions of telecommunications law that serve to protect customers. This may be the case, for example, if:

  • your connection is faulty
  • the data transmission rate is too low, or
  • other contractually promised services are not met,
  • the bill is objectionable,
  • you are in dispute with your provider about the termination of contracts or contract periods.

Before the Consumer Conciliation Board for Telecommunications opens a conciliation procedure, it checks whether the requirements for this are met. For example, the consumer arbitration board cannot become active if your concern is not related to the customer-protecting provisions of telecommunications law.

Varies depending on the facts of the case, for example:

  • Contract and applicable general terms and conditions (GTC) of the supplier.
  • order confirmation
  • Disputed invoices and itemized bills
  • Termination letter or confirmation of termination
  • Test and measurement protocols of your broadband measurement
  • Order for the relocation of a telecommunications connection
  • Order for number porting

You will find further details on the required documents in the application form.

Forms: Request for conciliation pursuant to § 47a Telecommunications Act

Online procedure possible: yes

Written form required: no

Personal appearance required: no

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You are in dispute with your telecommunications service provider about whether it has failed to fulfil an obligation towards you.

The Telecommunications Consumer Conciliation Board can initiate conciliation proceedings if

  • there is a connection between the facts of the case and certain provisions of telecommunications law on customer protection,
  • you have already tried unsuccessfully to reach an agreement with the provider,
  • you are prepared to accept a compromise solution in the conciliation procedure,
  • you have not yet applied for arbitration on the same subject matter,
  • you have not yet filed a lawsuit in a court of law..,
  • the conciliation procedure is not unsuitable for settling the dispute. The procedure is unsuitable in particular if the subject matter of the dispute does not allow for a cost-efficient and quick settlement to be expected,
  • the request does not appear to have no obvious prospect of success or to be wilful. This applies in particular if
  • the disputed claim is already time-barred when the application is filed and the defendant invokes the statute of limitations,
  • the dispute has already been settled,
  • an application for legal aid in respect of the dispute has already been rejected on the grounds that the intended legal action does not offer sufficient prospect of success or appears to be wilful.

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You can submit your arbitration request online, by De-Mail, by e-mail or by post. Please use the online application form in preference.

To submit the request online:

  • Complete the Telecommunications Conciliation Board's online application on the Federal Network Agency's website and attach the necessary documents.
  • The conciliation body will check whether the requirements for opening a conciliation procedure are met.
  • If conciliation is possible, both you and your provider will be given the opportunity to present their respective points of view.
  • The procedure is voluntary for both parties. Therefore, it must be terminated if your telecommunications provider refuses to participate in the procedure.
  • The procedure is usually conducted by written procedure.
  • In many cases, the provider will offer an individual solution on its own initiative to resolve the dispute.
  • If the provider does not offer such a solution, the conciliation body will draw up an individual conciliation proposal in order to reach an amicable settlement.
  • If you and your telecommunications provider accept the conciliation proposal, the Federal Network Agency ends the conciliation procedure.
  • If the parties do not accept this proposal, you are left with the option of going to court.

If you want to submit your request by De-Mail, e-mail or by post:

  • Download the form "Application for conciliation pursuant to Section 47a of the Telecommunications Act" from the Federal Network Agency's website. Note: The supplementary explanations from the online application are not available to you here.
  • Fill out the form and attach the required documents.
  • Send the application and documents to the Federal Network Agency by De-Mail, e-mail or post.
  • The further procedural steps are the same as for the online procedure.

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