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The child supplement is a benefit for families with a low income. The child supplement supports your family if they have a low income and cannot cover the needs of the whole family or cannot cover them completely. You are entitled to child supplement for your children under 25 if your child/children are not married or in a civil partnership and live in your household, you get child benefit for the child, or you are not entitled to child benefit only because you get another state benefit that excludes child benefit, you have enough income for yourself and can meet your family's needs with child benefit, your monthly income reaches a minimum limit (known as the minimum income limit), and, your income and assets that count towards the child supplement are not so high that the child supplement is reduced to zero. The maximum amount of the child supplement is EUR 205.00 per month per child. If your income is higher than your own needs, the child supplement will be reduced. The income of your children is also taken into account, for example, if your children receive maintenance, advance maintenance payments or a half-orphan's pension. The child supplement is granted for 6 months at a time. After 6 months, you must submit a new application. The following income will be taken into account Your child's/your children's own income, such as maintenance, maintenance advance or half-orphan's pension at 45 percent, 45% of your parents' income from employment or self-employment that exceeds their own needs, income replacement benefits such as unemployment benefit, short-time allowance or sickness benefit, parental or state education allowance, pensions from social security, capital and interest income, income from renting and leasing, and Alimony payments (spousal support). Since 1 January 2020, you can also receive the child supplement if your earned income, child supplement and housing benefit do not leave you more than 100 euros below the SGB II entitlement. INFO: If you receive child supplement or housing benefit, you can receive benefits for education and participation for your children. In addition, you can be exempted from the KiTa fees. The KiZ-Lotse helps you to check quickly and easily whether you are entitled to child supplement. You can find the KiZ-Lotse on the website of the Familienkasse of the Federal Employment Agency under the navigation bar The Family Benefits Office offers a video consultation service which you can use to ask questions about the child supplement from home. You can make an appointment for video counselling by calling 0800 4555530.

Certificates of earnings from the employer for the last 6 months prior to application Proof of other income Declaration of assets Proof of housing costs If necessary, further documents and proofs

Form: Application for child supplement Online procedure possible: yes Written form required: yes Personal appearance necessary: no

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In order to receive a child supplement, the following conditions must be met: Your child/children are younger than 25, not married or in a civil partnership and live in your household. You receive child benefit or a comparable benefit, for example from abroad, for your child/children. You have as a couple you have a joint gross income of at least EUR 900.00 per month (excluding housing benefit, child benefit and child supplement) or as a single parent with a gross income of at least EUR 600.00 per month. Your income and assets that are counted towards the child supplement are not so high that the child supplement is reduced to zero. As a rule, you can receive the child supplement if you can cover the needs of the whole family within the meaning of SGB II with your income, the child benefit, any housing benefit to which you are entitled and the child supplement. Child supplement is subordinate to other possible income of the child; if necessary, there is an obligation to seek priority claims such as maintenance or maintenance advance.
You can apply for the child supplement online or in writing using the form provided: Fill in the application form online on the website of the Familienkas-se of the Bundesagentur für Arbeit (Federal Employment Agency); if necessary, you can upload the necessary supporting documents or download the form online and print it out. Alternatively, you can obtain the form from your competent family benefits office. Fill in the form and attach the necessary supporting documents. If you use the online application, you can upload the supporting documents straight away if necessary. They will be attached to the signed application later. Submit the signed application documents to the Familienkasse. You can print out the application yourself or have it printed out and sent to you. The application must still be submitted to the family benefits office by post. You will then receive the approval or the information about the rejection of your application with the reasons by post.

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