Apply for care allowance in the social care insurance Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If you are cared for at home by relatives or acquaintances, you can apply for care allowance from your care insurance fund.

If you need care, you decide for yourself by whom and where you will be cared for. If you are cared for at home by family members, acquaintances or other volunteers, you will be paid care allowance under the care insurance scheme. You apply for this from your long-term care insurance fund. The nursing care insurance fund is affiliated with your statutory health insurance fund, so you can use the same contact details.

You are entitled to care allowance if

  • you are classified in care degree 2, 3, 4 or 5 and
  • the person you choose provides complete home care. This may include, for example, personal hygiene, laundry and cooking.

The care allowance is paid to you monthly by your care insurance fund. You can give it to the person who cares for you independently as recognition and compensation for expenses. The amount of the monthly care allowance is graduated according to your care level:

  • Care degree 2: EUR 316.00
  • Care degree 3: EUR 545,00
  • Care degree 4: EUR 728,00
  • Nursing degree 5: EUR 901,00

During short-term care or substitute care, 50 percent of the care allowance will continue to be paid to you.

If you receive care allowance, you will receive a counseling visit at home every six months - for care degree 2 or 3 - or every quarter - for care degree 4 or 5. You decide who carries out this visit: You choose a care service or a recognized counseling center and make an appointment. The law prescribes the counseling visits. These are to ensure that you are well cared for at home. You and your caregiver receive nursing tips and support at these appointments. In long-term care insurance, the long-term care insurance fund pays for the costs of the counseling visits and settles these directly with the service provider.

You do not need to submit any documents for the application for care allowance.
Depending on the individual case, further documents may be required. Please contact your long-term care insurance fund for more information.

Forms: yes

Online procedure possible: many long-term care insurance companies offer an online procedure.

Written form required: no

Personal appearance required: no

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  • You are classified in care level 2, 3, 4, or 5
  • You are cared for at home by a private, non-professional caregiver who is able to provide your home care

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You can apply for care allowance by mail, for example, and - with many care insurance companies - hand it in personally at the office or submit it online.

  • You submit the application for care allowance to your care insurance fund. If you are not able to do this yourself, you can authorize someone in writing.
  • The long-term care insurance fund checks your application for long-term care benefits and
  • transfers your care allowance to you every month.

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