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Your employer is experiencing payment difficulties and therefore owes you remuneration. If a so-called insolvency event then occurs, you will be entitled to insolvency benefit from that point on. Such an insolvency event can be, for example, that insolvency proceedings are opened against your employer. You can use insolvency benefit to compensate for your loss of earnings for a maximum of three months. Insolvency benefit is paid retroactively. You are not required to pay unemployment insurance contributions. Part-time employees, interns, students, pensioners and trainees can receive insolvency benefits. In the case of, for example, managing partners, shareholders of a GmbH or relatives of the employer, proof of employee status must be provided in order to be entitled to insolvency benefit. You can only receive it for the wages that were not paid to you in the last 3 months of the employment relationship before the insolvency event. If your employment was terminated before then, the insolvency benefit period includes the last 3 months of your employment. You will receive exactly as much insolvency benefit as you last earned in net wages. However, the contribution assessment ceiling of the unemployment insurance forms the upper limit. The extent to which special payments (e.g. Christmas bonus) can be replaced by insolvency benefits depends on the provisions in your employment contract and must be checked in each individual case. If your employer does not pay social security contributions due to the insolvency, the Employment Agency will do so at the request of the collecting agency (health insurance fund). Outstanding contributions will be paid for the last 3 months of your employment before the insolvency event. You can find more information on the website of the Federal Employment Agency.

Insolvency benefit certificate, if available Pay slips or equivalent certificates for the last 3 months Copy of employment contract Notice of termination, if available

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Certain conditions must be met before you can receive insolvency benefits: An insolvency event shall exist if Insolvency proceedings are opened against the assets of your employer, or insolvency application is rejected for lack of assets, or Business activity is completely discontinued due to obvious lack of assets. You have not been paid for up to 3 months prior to the insolvency event. As an employee you are employed within Germany or temporarily posted abroad while retaining the obligation to pay social security in Germany. You must prove by means of a decision from the clearing office of the German Pension Insurance (status determination procedure) that you are legally considered to be an employee if you, for example managing partner, shareholder of a GmbH or are a relative of the employer. Further information can be found on the website of the Federal Employment Agency.
Apply for insolvency benefits at the employment agency. You can submit the application in paper form or electronically. Submit a paper application: You can obtain the application form from any employment agency or from the website of the Federal Employment Agency. Complete the application in full and submit it signed, including the attachments, to your employment agency. The insolvency benefit certificate is required for final processing The insolvency benefit certificate is issued by the insolvency administration or by your company. It is requested by the Employment Agency. To speed up the procedure, you can also obtain the insolvency benefit certificate yourself from the insolvency administration or from your company and enclose it with the application. The form is also available from any employment agency or via the Internet. The Employment Agency will examine your application and your documents. You will receive a decision on your application from the Employment Agency. Apply for insolvency benefits online: Call up the "eServices" portal on the website of the Federal Employment Agency. Log in with your user ID and call up the application for insolvency benefit. Fill out the online application form, upload all documents as attachments and send the application. The Employment Agency will check your application and documents. You will receive a decision on your application from the Employment Agency.

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