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If you are studying, you will generally only receive half of your BAföG as a grant. The other half is paid as an interest-free loan, which you have to pay back. You will receive the request from the Federal Office of Administration for this about 4.5 years after the end of the standard period of study. As a rule, you have to pay back a maximum of EUR 10,000, no matter how high your BAföG loan is. An exception applies to those who received BAföG funding for the first time from 01.08.2019 or later. You only have to repay a maximum of EUR 10,010. This corresponds to 77 monthly instalments of EUR 130 each. In the case of income-based repayment, the monthly instalments can also be lower. If you want to pay at least EUR 500 before the repayment period begins, you can get a discount and have to repay less. You will receive the largest possible discount if you pay the full amount in one go before the start of the repayment period. In principle, you do not have to pay any interest on the BAföG loan and you have up to 20 years to repay it. The amount of the monthly repayment instalment is as follows until 31.03.2020: EUR 105 and from 01.04.2020: EUR 130. The instalments are paid every 3 months. Until 31.03.2020, for example, this is EUR 315. If you have a low income, you can apply for a deferral from the repayment obligation of your BAföG loan or for the payment of lower instalments ("income-dependent repayment"). If you pay an instalment over 45 days late, you will incur reminder fees and interest. At the end of the 20-year repayment period, the Federal Office of Administration will automatically check to see if you can have the remaining loan debt forgiven. You can be released from the remaining debt if you received BAföG funding for the first time as of 01.08.2019, were not financially able to repay the BAföG loan in full, and have fulfilled your payment and cooperation obligations during the entire repayment period. If you have already received BAföG funding before 01.08.2019, you can declare in writing to the Federal Office of Administration between 01.09.2019 and 29.02.2020 that this remission regulation should also apply to you. With this declaration, you also agree that an extension of your repayment period by exemption periods of 10 years to a maximum of 30 years is no longer possible. Note: You must repay the full amount of the so-called graduation loan, which you can apply for, for example, if you exceed the standard period of study. From 01.08.2019 it will be granted as an interest-free full loan.


Forms: no Online procedure possible: yes Written form required: no Personal appearance required: no

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You have received BAföG with a loan component during your studies. You have not exclusively received an interest-bearing BAföG bank loan, such as the graduation aid
You can repay your BAföG loan in writing or by online procedure. Written procedure: About 4.5 years after the end of the standard period of study of your first BAföG-funded degree program, you will receive a letter from the Federal Office of Administration, the so-called "Feststellungs- und Rückzahlungsbescheid". The letter informs you about the amount, when and how exactly you have to repay the BAföG. It also contains an offer for early repayment of the BAföG loan and informs you about the highest possible discount you can receive. Please then complete the direct debit authorisation form and return it to the Federal Office of Administration. The instalments will then be collected from your account every 3 months via a SEPA direct debit mandate. If you miss a payment date by more than 45 days, interest will accrue. From that point on, 6 percent interest will be charged annually on your remaining debt. This interest will apply until the outstanding balance is paid in full. Please remember to notify us immediately of any changes to your name or address. By doing so, you will avoid costs for determining your address (EUR 25). Online procedure: Go to the BAföG-Online portal of the Federal Office of Administration and register there. After registration you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. Follow the steps in the e-mail to complete the registration. After the registration was successful, you can log in with your e-mail address and password. In the portal you will find all essential forms concerning the repayment of your BAföG loan. If you log in with your electronic identity card, more functions are available to you. For example, you can view your current remaining loan debt and your current payment plan.