Request arbitration in case of dispute with postal or parcel service provider Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If you cannot reach an agreement in a dispute with a postal company, the Federal Network Agency can mediate under certain conditions.

The aim of the Federal Network Agency's conciliation procedure is to reach an amicable settlement as quickly as possible in the interests of both parties. In this way, long and possibly expensive court proceedings can be avoided.

Arbitration can be considered if your rights as a customer of a postal company have been violated. This could be, for example, because a letter or parcel was

  • has been lost
  • has been stolen or
  • has been damaged.

The Federal Network Agency's conciliation body for postal services tries to mediate between the two sides in a dispute. The employees of the conciliation body involved in the procedure are impartial, independent and have the necessary expertise. It decides by means of a dispute mediator, each of whom is an employee of the Federal Network Agency.

You should attach to the request copies or scanned documents of all documents that pertain to your request, for example:

  • Letters, emails, or faxes with the postal carrier regarding your current concern.
  • Printouts of tracking information
  • Photos of damaged items
  • Proof of posting
  • Copy of invoice or other proof of the amount of damage claimed

Forms: yes

Online procedure possible: yes

Written form required: no

Personal appearance required: no

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You can submit an arbitration request if

  • you are the sender, recipient or consignee of a letter or parcel item,
  • Your shipment on the way
    • has been lost,
    • has been stolen,
    • has been damaged or
    • another right under the Postal Services Ordinance has been violated,
  • you have already tried in vain to reach an agreement with the postal company,
  • and no special conditions have been agreed with the postal operator.

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You can submit the application for a conciliation procedure online:

  • Call up the online application for conciliation on the website of the Federal Network Agency.
  • In the application, describe the facts of the case and your claims. You can upload additional documents as attachments and send them together with the application.
  • The conciliation body will check whether the requirements for conciliation proceedings have been met.
  • If the request is submitted by consumers, participation is mandatory for the postal company. In other cases, the Federal Network Agency first asks the postal company whether it wishes to participate in the conciliation procedure.
  • If the procedure comes about, the conciliation body hears the parties to the dispute and evaluates the arguments and evidence presented by both sides.
  • In most cases, the procedure is conducted in writing or by e-mail.
  • Only if the Swiss Post conciliation body deems it necessary and both parties to the dispute agree can it schedule a meeting to discuss the facts of the case orally.
  • If necessary, the conciliation board will submit a concrete proposal for a settlement.
  • Neither party is obliged to accept the settlement proposal. If no agreement is reached, the conciliation procedure ends with this statement.
  • You will receive notification of the outcome of the conciliation proceedings.

You can also submit your request by letter, e-mail or fax:

  • You can use the "Request for conciliation" form on the Federal Network Agency's website for this purpose.

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