Report wage totals to the accident insurance institution Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

As a company, you must submit the wage statement of your employees electronically.

The electronic wage statement is one of the bases for calculating the contribution that your company pays annually for the statutory accident insurance cover of its employees. Additional reports by post, fax and e-mail are not required and will not be accepted. In the electronic wage statement, you report the wage totals of your employees (wage total notification).
You do not have to submit an electronic wage statement if your company does not employ any staff or any temporary or marginal workers. If this applies to your company, you should not retrieve master data. If you have made the master data call by mistake, you should cancel it.
The master data call is a preliminary procedure for the actual wage statement notification. It ensures that only notifications with correct data are transmitted to the workers' compensation associations and accident insurance funds.

You do not need any documentation.

  • Form necessary: no
  • Online procedure possible: yes
  • Written form required: no
  • Personal appearance necessary: no

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Your company employs insured persons for wages or another form of remuneration.


Only remuneration for employees is reported; further information on the company must be reported separately. So-called "head contribution reports" (reports based on the number of persons, e.g. for special types of insured persons such as apprentices or volunteers) are not reported with the electronic wage statement. The relevant accident insurance institution will provide information on the reporting options.

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You can only submit the electronic wage statement using an approved payroll accounting program or a corresponding completion aid (
Prepare and report the electronic wage statement via a payroll accounting program:

  • make sure that you are using the latest version of your payroll program.
  • If you are submitting your employees' pay information, you will need the following data:
    • Name of the responsible employers' liability insurance association or accident insurance fund
    • Membership number of the relevant workers' compensation association or accident insurance fund
    • PIN for wage statement digital
      • You will receive the access data from the responsible employers' liability insurance association or accident insurance fund by mail with your membership documents or the notice of assessment for the company. You can also request the access data at a later date.
  • The procedure starts with the master data retrieval. This ensures that you only transmit wage statements with the correct membership number and actually assessed risk tariff points to the responsible employers' liability insurance association or accident insurance fund in the further procedure (in the so-called risk tariff points, branches of trade or industries with a similar risk of accident and illness are grouped together).
  • Your company must trigger the master data retrieval. Many payroll accounting programs execute the master data retrieval automatically.
    • You use the company data stored in the payroll program (company number, company number of the accident insurance carrier, membership number, PIN) to call up the master data in the master data file at your workers' compensation association or accident insurance fund.
  • By retrieving the master data, your social accident insurance institution concludes that your company has employees in the respective contribution year and pays them.
  • The responsible accident insurance institution now expects the electronic wage statement for this contribution year.
  • You receive the master data reply after a maximum of 48 hours.
  • Transfer the confirmed data to the payroll program. Then check the assignment of all employees to the hazard pay scale unit, and adjust it if necessary.
  • The following data is transferred with the electronic wage statement:
    • Membership number of the responsible accident insurance institution
    • Company number of the responsible accident insurance institution
    • related to the hazard tariff point:
      • Pay liable for contributions
      • Hours worked by all employees
      • Number of employees

Note: If you use several payroll areas in your company, you must call up the master data and report the wage statements for each area.
Reporting via completion help:

  • If you report the wage statement via, the master data for your company is automatically retrieved immediately before you submit the wage statement. An independent query is therefore not necessary.
  • Follow the instructions at

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