Requesting reimbursement of long-distance fare losses Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The Federal Office of Administration (BVA) reimburses transport companies in local and long-distance transport for fare losses for the transport of severely disabled people and their accompanying persons. The Federal Office of Administration (BVA) reimburses the costs in long-distance transport for the free transport of accompanying persons of severely disabled persons the items you are carrying with you, such as guide dogs, hand luggage, transported invalid carriages and other orthopaedic aids Applications for final payment may be submitted by carriers or contractually authorised persons In order to receive reimbursement for fare losses, you must provide proof of your fare income in the form of a certificate from an auditing firm/tax consultancy. You submit your application in writing to the Federal Office of Administration (BVA).

When submitting your application, you must submit: Proof of the total revenue in the area of application of the Ninth Social Code (SGB IX) in the form of a certificate from an auditing company. In the case of cross-border transport: proof of the actual and percentage share of the route travelled in the area of application of the Ninth Social Code (SGB IX). If the application concerns a bus company or the application involves revenue from a bus company, the current concessions of the routes must be submitted If you are submitting an application to the BVA for the first time, you must also submit the shareholders' agreement of your company, the excerpt from the commercial register, the authorisations to provide transport services issued by the respective state authorities

Forms: yes Online procedure possible: no Written form required: no Personal appearance required: no

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Reimbursement for lost fare can be claimed by: Transport companies, transport associations and transport organizations in long-distance public transport Further requirements: As a company, you demonstrably transport disabled people and their accompanying persons in long-distance transport. You have demonstrably incurred a loss of fare. You have submitted the application for final reimbursement and all supporting documents to the BVA in good time.
You must apply in writing to the Federal Administrative Office (FCO) for final reimbursement of long distance fare loss: Written Application: Download the application for final payments from the BVA website. Fill out the application. Print it out and sign it. Mail the signed application and required documents to the BVA. You may email the signed application to the BVA in advance. Mail the signed application form and copies of the other required documents to the BVA promptly after you submit your application. Your application will be processed and reviewed by the BVA. If you meet the requirements for reimbursement of the lost fare, you will receive the amount due to you from the BVA.

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