Request pension information from the Landwirtschaftliche Alterskasse (Agricultural Pension Fund) Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Would you like to receive information about your future old-age pension entitlements and your pension start date? You can request this informally at any time.

The pension information from the Landwirtschaftliche Alterskasse may contain the following information for you:

  • Information on the expected amount of your standard old-age pension.
  • Information on the earliest possible pension start date for early retirement pensions with details of pension deductions.
  • Overview of the periods of pension entitlement completed with the Landwirtschaftliche Alterskasse.
  • Notes and information on
    • the requirements for all old-age pensions,
    • how to apply for a pension,
    • additional earnings,
    • insurance history,
    • taxation,
    • information and advice, and
    • on health insurance for pensioners.

As soon as you reach the age of 55, you will automatically receive pension information every 3 years. However, you can also request the information if you are younger.

You may have to submit evidence of other periods that can be credited towards the qualifying period, for example your insurance history with the German Pension Insurance.

Forms: none

Online procedure possible: yes

Written form required: no

Personal appearance required: no

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  • You are or were insured with the Landwirtschaftliche Alterskasse.
  • You have fulfilled the respective waiting periods for the various types of pension in the old-age insurance scheme for farmers.
  • You are not yet drawing a pension from your own insurance.

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You can apply for pension information online on the Internet portal of the Landwirtschaftliche Alterskasse. Or you can request this information in writing or by telephone.
If you want to submit your request online:

  • Go to the SVLFG insured portal.
  • Log in to the portal with your user ID or register to use the portal for the first time.
  • You can use the form options to request pension information.
  • You will receive the information via your insured person's mailbox or by letter.

If you want to request pension information by post or e-mail:

  • Write an informal letter requesting the pension information.
  • Send your written request by post or by e-mail.
  • You will receive the pension information by letter.

If you want to request the pension information by phone:

  • Call the Agricultural Pension Fund.
  • Tell them what you want to know about your pension.
  • You will receive the pension information by letter.

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