Receive widow's and widower's pension from the agricultural accident insurance fund Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

As a widow, widower or surviving partner in a civil partnership, you can receive a pension from the Agricultural Employers' Liability Insurance Association under certain conditions.

If a fatal occupational accident or disease occurs, the agricultural accident insurance provides financial protection for the surviving dependents.
This means that the agricultural employers' liability insurance association can support you financially if your spouse dies as a result of such an insured event. The same applies to life partners. An application is not necessary.
The pension is two-thirds of the deceased person's annual income for the first 3 months after death. After that, the pension is 30 percent of the annual income. In total, you can receive the pension for up to 24 months.
After the first 3 months, the pension may be 40 percent of annual income if

  • You are raising a child,
  • are older than 47
  • or are disabled for work or disability.

If you have your own income, the pension is reduced.
You are generally not entitled to a pension if:

  • you entered into the marriage or civil partnership after the accident; and
  • the death occurred within the first year of this marriage or civil partnership.

An exception exists here if it is evident that you did not enter into the marriage or civil partnership primarily in order to receive the pension.

  • Death certificate
  • Account number of the beneficiary (IBAN and BIC)
  • Marriage certificate (family record book) or civil partnership certificate
  • Social security number of the beneficiary
  • Birth certificates of joint children, if applicable

Forms: no

Online procedure possible: no

Written form required: no

Personal appearance required: no


  • Death as a result of an insured event.
  • Living in a legally valid marriage or civil partnership in accordance with the Civil Partnership Act.

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You do not have to apply for the survivor's pension for widows, widowers and registered life partners due to an insured event in the agricultural accident insurance.

  • The Agricultural Employer's Liability Insurance Association (LBG) determines the entitlement and the amount of the agricultural accident insurance pension ex officio.
  • The LBG automatically learns of the insured event. As a rule, the employer of the deceased person informs the LBG.
  • However, you can inform the LBG informally yourself.
  • On the basis of the insured event, the LBG will check whether you are entitled to a pension.
  • If you are entitled to a pension, you will receive a decision from the LBG.

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