Request pension settlement for survivors in statutory accident insurance in the event of remarriage Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

As a survivor or surviving dependant, you can receive a settlement from the agricultural accident insurance in lieu of a pension upon application if you remarry.

As a widow or widower and as a registered partner, you will receive a survivor's pension for 2 years, as long as no remarriage takes place during this period. The pension is 30 percent of the annual earnings of the deceased insured person.
If you remarry or enter into a new civil partnership as a survivor, the widow's or widower's pension from the agricultural accident insurance can be settled once. You must submit an application for this.
You will receive 24 times your monthly pension as a settlement. A monthly amount is the gross average amount of the survivor's pension paid in the past 12 months.
If a pension settlement was paid when you remarried or entered into a new civil partnership and the remarriage or civil partnership was declared null and void, dissolved or annulled, you should contact your accident insurance carrier for clarification of benefits.

  • Marriage certificate (family record book) or
  • Civil partnership certificate according to the civil partnership law

Forms: no

Online procedure possible: no

Written form required: no

Personal appearance required: no


You can apply for a settlement of your survivor's pension if

  • You are entitled to a survivor's benefit under the agricultural accident insurance scheme,
  • you remarry or enter into a new civil partnership under the Civil Partnership Act.

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You must inform the Agricultural Employer's Liability Insurance Association (LBG) that you have remarried or are in a new civil partnership.
The Agricultural Employer's Liability Insurance Association will then contact you, explain the further procedure and request the necessary documents.

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