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Is your earning capacity restricted as a result of an accident at work, a commuting accident or an occupational disease? If so, you may be entitled to an agricultural accident insurance pension under certain conditions.

As an insured person or insured person, you can receive a pension from the agricultural accident insurance in the event of

  • long-term reduction in earning capacity (MdE)
  • as a result of an insured event.
    • Accidents at work, commuting accidents and occupational diseases

The MdE indicates the extent to which work opportunities are restricted. It is not your previous activity that is taken into account, but the entire area of working life. For young insured persons, the MdE is based on the effects that would result for adults with the same health impairment.

The amount of the pension depends on

  • the amount of the MdE and
  • the amount of the annual earnings (JAV).
    • JAV is the total amount of remuneration and income from work in the 12 months preceding the month in which the insured event occurred.

For certain groups of persons, the pension is calculated differently. The amount of the pension is based on the so-called average annual earned income (dJAV), taking into account possible age deductions for:

  • agricultural entrepreneurs and
  • their wives and husbands or civil partners.

For severely injured persons (MdE of 50 percent and more), the JAV increases for pensions for an indefinite period:

  • by 25 percent for a disability of 50 to 74 percent
  • by 50 percent for a disability of 75 to 100 percent
  • does not apply to provisional pensions

For assisting family members without an employment contract, the JAV is additionally based on the so-called reference amount. The reference figure is based on the average income in Germany and changes annually.

A lower JAV is set for minors.

The JAV is reduced for family members working permanently in the company without an employment contract. The extent to which the JAV is reduced depends on the age of the person at the time of the insured event.

You do not need to submit any documents.

Forms available: No
Written form required: No
Informal application possible: Yes
Personal appearance required: No

Online services available: No


Insured persons are entitled to a pension if

  • their reduction in earning capacity (MdE) as a result of one or more insured events
  • beyond the 26th week after the insured event
  • is at least 20 percent

after the insured event.

For the following groups of persons, the reduction in earning capacity must be at least 30 percent for a pension entitlement:

  • agricultural entrepreneurs and
  • their wives and husbands or life partners and
  • family members who work with them on a permanent basis

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Agricultural accident insurance benefits are generally determined ex officio. As a rule, you do not need to submit an application.

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