Submit application for authorisation to lodge simplified customs declarations for export to non-EU countries Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The authorisation to lodge simplified customs declarations for the export of goods to non-EU countries (third countries) enables companies to place Union goods under the export procedure even outside the opening hours of the customs office of export. In doing so, the goods can be presented at pre-approved packing or loading locations and do not have to be transported to the customs office of export. Exceptions: Special customs regulations apply to the following goods, which is why you cannot use the authorization for these goods: goods subject to individual licensing, goods subject to licensing, and goods that are subject to other prohibitions and restrictions. You can apply for the authorisation for your own use as an exporter or for use as a representative. The main customs office in whose district your main accounts for customs purposes are kept or accessible is responsible for the application. Even after the authorisation has been granted, the competent main customs office regularly and continuously checks whether you continue to meet the authorisation requirements and whether you are complying with the obligations associated with the authorisation.

a completed "Questionnaire Customs Authorisations Part I to III" must be attached to the application. Exception: If you have an AEO authorisation as an "Authorised Economic Operator", you do not need to complete the questionnaire.

Forms: yes Online procedure possible: no Written form required: yes Personal appearance required: no

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You have not committed any serious or repeated infringements of customs and tax regulations. You have not committed any serious criminal offences in the course of your economic activity. You have sufficient procedures in place for the processing of licenses and permits related to prohibitions and restrictions (including trade policy measures). You have sufficient procedures in place to ensure compliance with prohibitions and restrictions. You have trained and sensitised your staff on these requirements. In the case of holders of an AEO Customs Simplification Authorisation (AEOC), the above criteria and conditions are in principle deemed to be fulfilled.
Open and complete the form "Application for authorisation to lodge simplified customs declarations pursuant to Article 166 of the Union Customs Code when exporting goods (0850)" on the Customs website. Download and complete the "Customs Authorisation Questionnaire Parts I to III" on the Customs website. (Note: AEO authorization holders do not need to send the questionnaire). Before processing, it is advisable to contact your contact person at the relevant main customs office to clarify any open questions regarding the form and, if applicable, the questionnaire. Print out the form and, if applicable, the questionnaire and send it to the relevant main customs office. If the main customs office has successfully checked whether all the requirements for approval have been met, you will receive the approval. If the requirements are not met, you will receive a notification that the application has been rejected. If your export goods are to be presented at packing or loading locations in other member states, you must also submit an application for "granting authorisation for centralised clearance in accordance with Article 179 of the Union Customs Code (UCC)". The application is made electronically via the EU Trader Portal (EU-TP) of the European Commission.

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