Track cross-border shipments of merchandise within the EU via the Union transit procedure online at customs Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

With the customs Internet status information service, you can call up online information on consignments of goods that you have posted under the EU-wide Union transit procedure.

The Union transit procedure allows goods to move between 2 places within the customs territory of the Union under customs supervision without being subject to import duties during the transit procedure.

You can use the Internet status information service to obtain online general information on transit operations that you have initiated under the Union transit procedure.

  • Shipment-related reference number (Master Reference Number, MRN)
  • EU-wide registration and identification number for economic operators (EORI number)

Forms: none
Online procedure possible: yes
Written form required: no
Personal appearance required: no

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You or your company must

  • be an economic operator within the meaning of customs law. This means that in the course of your business activities you are involved in activities that fall under customs law.

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To call up the Internet status information online, proceed as follows:

  • Call up the "ATLAS Internet Shipping Declaration" page and select the "Shipping Declaration Status Information".
  • A new window appears in which you have to enter your MRN and your EORI number.

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