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Do you want to declare goods for a customs procedure at a centrally competent customs office, even though the goods are located elsewhere at that time? This is possible with an authorisation for central customs clearance.

In principle, goods must be declared at the customs office responsible for the place where the goods are located. However, central customs clearance allows you to submit a customs declaration at a centrally competent customs office - even if the goods are located at a different place at the time of declaration. The place of declaration specified in the authorization and the place of so-called presentation thus diverge. Presentation means making goods available to the customs office.
You can currently apply for central customs clearance for the following procedures:

  • Customs warehouse
  • temporary admission
  • end-use
  • Inward processing
  • outward processing
  • export
  • Re-export

In connection with central customs clearance, the following must be taken into account, among other things

  • country- and goods-related restrictions as well as
  • Special features relating to sales tax law and foreign trade statistics.

The main customs office in whose district your main accounts for customs purposes are kept or accessible is responsible for the application.
Even after the authorization has been granted, the responsible main customs office regularly and continuously checks

  • whether you continue to meet the requirements for the authorization and
  • whether you are complying with the obligations associated with the authorization.
  • Supplementary sheet national data

Forms: no

Online procedure possible: yes

Written form required: no

Personal appearance required: no

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  • You are an Authorised Economic Operator for Customs Simplifications (AEOC). You are an authorised economic operator for customs simplifications (AEOC).
  • Your request involves cross-member state processing. This means that the place of declaration and the place of presentation must be in different EU member states. If both places are in Germany, it is currently not possible to use central customs clearance.
  • You are the holder of the authorisation for the simplified customs declaration (SDE) or entry in the accounts (EIR).

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You can only apply for authorisation for central customs clearance electronically via the Trader Portal of the European Commission (EU Trader Portal):

  • Log in to the EU Trader Portal.
    • If you do not yet have a user account (EU login) for the EU Trader Portal, you must apply for one using form 05700.
    • If you do not yet have a registration and identification number for economic operators (EORI number), you must apply for such an EORI number using form 0870a.
    • You can find these forms on the Customs Administration website. Send the applications to the Generalzolldirektion, Direktion II, Team Stammdatenmanagement - Dienstort Dresden.
  • Follow the instructions of the EU Trader Portal for the application for Centralised Clearance (CCL).
  • It is advisable to contact your contact person at the responsible main customs office before submitting the application in order to clarify any open questions regarding the application.
  • In addition to the electronic application, the "Supplementary Sheet National Data" must be sent directly to the responsible main customs office with reference to the application number generated by the EU Trader Portal.
  • If the main customs office has successfully checked whether all requirements for authorisation are met, you will receive the authorisation electronically via the EU Trader Portal. The member states affected by the authorisation must coordinate their activities. It may therefore take longer for the authorisation to be issued than for other applications.
  • If the requirements are not met, you will receive a notification that the application has been rejected.

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