Authorisation obtained for the production of weighing certificates for bananas Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If you are releasing fresh bananas falling within CN code (Combined Nomenclature) 0803 90 10 for free circulation in the territory of the European Union, you must be in possession of a weighing certificate (form 0380) when you lodge your customs declaration. The weighing certificate may only be issued by authorised weighers. To be approved as an authorised weigher, you must submit an electronic application via the EU Trader Portal.

Please attach the following documents to the application: Parts I to III and V of the Customs Conditions Questionnaire Authorised Economic Operators (AEO) do not need the questionnaire. "Supplementary sheet national data Sample of the weighing records The documents should be sent directly to the competent main customs office with reference to the application number generated by the EU Trader Portal.

Forms: yes Online procedure possible: yes Written form required: yes Personal appearance required: no

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In order to obtain an authorisation to draw up weighing certificates for bananas, you must meet the following conditions: You have not committed serious or repeated infringements of customs and tax legislation or serious offences in the course of your economic activity. you are engaged in the import, transport, storage or handling of fresh bananas subject to import duties falling within CN code 0803 90 10. They have an EORI number (Economic Operators Registration and Identification number). They shall offer the guarantees necessary for the weighing to be carried out correctly. They have appropriate weighing equipment (calibrated scales with an accuracy of 2 decimal places). They shall keep records enabling the customs authorities to carry out the necessary checks.
If you wish to apply for authorisation as an authorised weigher, you must submit the application electronically via the EU Trader Portal. To access the EU-Trader portal you will need to have a user account. If you do not have a user account yet, complete the application for the establishment of an EU user account (form 05700), send the form by e-mail to the Master Data Management Team of the Directorate General of Customs - Dresden office. an EORI number (Economic Operators Registration and Identification number). If you do not yet have an EORI number, you must apply for one in your user account in the Citizens and Business Customer Portal of the Customs Administration. You can access the "EORI number administration" via the user account and apply for a new EORI number. Log in to the EU Trader Portal with your access data. Complete and submit the application for the authorisation type "AWB - Authorised Weigher Status of Bananas (AWB)". Send the "Supplementary Sheet National Data", the relevant weighing records and, if applicable, Parts I to III and V of the Customs Authorisation Questionnaire directly to the relevant Main Customs Office with reference to the application number generated by the EU Trader Portal. If the main customs office has successfully checked whether all requirements for an authorization are met, an authorization is issued electronically in the EU-Trader Portal. If the requirements are not met, you will receive a notice of rejection of the application by post.

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