Register and participate in the customs IT procedures ATLAS, AES and EMCS Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The IT procedures ATLAS and AES are used for electronic customs clearance. In order to be able to electronically declare and process your excisable consignments under duty suspension, you must participate in EMCS.

If you trade across borders with countries outside the European Union (EU), you must participate in the "Automated Tariff and Local Customs Clearance System" (ATLAS). The automated export procedure, called "Automated Export System" (AES) in the EU, is generally mandatory for exporting companies in the EU. It enables largely automated clearance and monitoring of the cross-border movement of goods. To participate in the electronic data exchange with the customs administration in the IT procedures ATLAS and AES, a registration is required using a certified software solution. Alternatively, the customs administration offers you the option of creating declarations via Internet applications.

If you transport excisable goods without these already being charged with excise duty, this is referred to as a "movement under suspension of excise duty". The tax is suspended as long as the goods are on their way to their final destination. The Excise Movement and Control System (EMCS) controls the movement of excisable goods under suspension of excise duty within the EU.

If you want to use certified software for electronic message exchange with the customs administration in the EMCS procedure, you must register. Alternatively, you can participate in the EMCS procedure via the "Internet EMCS application" (IEA).

As a rule, you do not have to submit any documents.

- Forms: yes

- Online procedure possible: yes

- Written form required: yes

- Personal appearance required: no

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  • you engage in cross-border trade and/or
  • you transport excisable goods under duty suspension.
  • You can register if you meet the following requirements:
    • Software certified by the GZD must be used for the transmission of subscriber messages.
    • You must have an EORI number (Economic Operators' Registration and Identification Number) and, if applicable, an associated establishment number. The EORI number is issued free of charge upon application by the Generalzolldirektion - Dienstort Dresden - Stammdatenmanagement (GZD - DO Dresden - Master Data Management).
      • If you do not yet have an EORI number, you can use
        • apply for the issue of an EORI number using the EORI number form (form 0870a).
        • Private individuals as well as legally dependent business or organisational units should use the special forms 0870c (private individuals) and 0870b (establishment number).
    • You must be assigned a party identification number (BIN). The BIN replaces the handwritten signature in the electronic message exchange with the customs administration. You apply for the BIN at the GZD - DO Weiden - Participant Management.
      • If you do not yet have a BIN, you can use
        • apply for the issuance of a BIN using the form BIN Application (Form 0872) or the Internet Application BIN (IA-BIN).

Details regarding participation ATLAS can be found in the "Leaflet for Participants in the chapter "Technical Requirements for Participation". For EMCS, the requirements are contained in the "Leaflet for Participation in the IT Procedure EMCS" in chapter "Participation Requirements".

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To participate in the ATLAS IT procedure, you must register in writing:

  • Download the forms suitable for you via the website of the Directorate General of Customs.
  • For the initial registration: Form 0874 and the corresponding attachment 0874an.
  • At the same time, you must inform the GZD of the necessary network connection details:
    • If a uniform communication channel is used for all message groups: Form 0871
    • If different communication channels are used for the requested message groups:
      • for each FTAM network connection: form 0871a and
      • a form 0871b for each X.400 network connection.
  • Fill in the respective form completely and sign it. Send the completed, signed application together with the required documents by e-mail (PDF document), by post or by fax to the Generalzolldirektion - DO Weiden - Teilnehmermanagement.
  • If required, the coordination and any notification will be made by e-mail. The BIN will be sent by post to the authorised person indicated in the application.

You must register in writing for the EMCS IT procedure:

  • Download the forms that are suitable for you via the website of the Generalzolldirektion. You will need the following forms for the registration:
    • Form 033088 (Registration Participation EMCS).
    • Form 033084 (Network Connection/Preferred Communication Channel EMCS) with the supplementary sheets.
      • Form 033085 (Technical details FTAM (EMCS)) or
      • Form 033086 (Technical data X.400 (EMCS)) and
    • Form 033089 (BIN application EMCS)
  • Complete the form in full and sign it. Send the completed application together with the respective required documents by e-mail (PDF document), by post or by fax to the Generalzolldirektion - DO Weiden - Teilnehmermanagement.
  • If required, the coordination and any notification will be made by e-mail. The BIN will be sent by post.
  • In particular, the application for participation must state:
    • the excise duty numbers issued in connection with the excise duty permits
    • the certified participant software to be used
    • the details concerning access to the customs administration's communication network (FTAM, X.400).
  • If required, the coordination and any notification will be made by e-mail. The BIN shall be sent by post.

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