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If you are moving to the European Union from a third country, you can usually import household goods and other household effects duty-free. However, you must declare this to customs.

When moving from a country outside the European Union (third country) to a European member state, you can import goods belonging to your household duty-free under certain conditions. Such household effects are also known as household effects.

The following are considered household effects

  • Household effects, i.e.
    • all personal effects,
    • household linen, bed linen, table linen,
    • furniture,
    • appliances intended for your personal use or household use;
  • private vehicles of all kinds, for example
    • Bicycles,
    • motorcycles,
    • cars,
    • trailers and camping trailers,
    • water sports craft,
    • sports aircraft;
  • household supplies,
    • provided they do not exceed the amount customarily kept as stock by one family at the former place of residence,
  • pets and riding animals;
  • portable instruments;
  • Equipment used in a trade or profession, provided you need it to carry on your trade or profession.

The following are not considered to be household effects

  • alcoholic products,
  • tobacco and tobacco products,
  • commercial vehicles,
  • commercially used objects.

When importing, you must also take into account whether there are any licensing requirements or bans in Germany, for example for weapons and ammunition or species-protected animals.

Proof that you have transferred your normal place of residence to the European Union is required. The proof can be provided, for example, by

  • deregistration certificate from the foreign authority stating how long you have lived outside the European Union
  • Certificate from the German registration authority or
  • tenancy agreement or
  • personal papers or

If applicable, further documents such as

  • Invoices, purchase receipts or other proof that you own goods or
  • employment contract

in the case of vehicles and aircraft

  • proof of registration for traffic in the country concerned

for weapons:

  • Weapons ownership card

Forms: yes

Online procedure possible: no

Written form required: yes

Personal appearance required: no

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Die für den betreffenden Post- oder Kurierdienst im Postverkehr zuständige Zollstelle
Die Zollstelle, bei der das Umzugsgut zur Abfertigung angemeldet wird
Generalzolldirektion (GZD), Zentrale Auskunftsstelle Zoll

Die Zollstelle an der Grenze oder am Flughafen


  • You are a natural person transferring your normal place of residence to the customs territory of the European Union.
  • It is Übersiedlungsgut within the meaning of customs law. This means, among other things:
    • Your normal place of residence has been outside the customs territory of the European Union for at least 12 months before the move;
    • Exceptions are possible if you can prove that you had at least the intention to live outside the European Union for 12 months or more, for example by means of an employment contract.
    • The goods belong to you or your family;
    • You or your family have used non-consumable goods for at least 6 months in your third country of origin;
    • The goods are to continue to be used by you or your family for the same purpose.
  • A German customs office can clear the goods as household effects if you take up your new residence - temporarily if necessary - in Germany.

Official regulation on personal effects of the Federal Ministry of Finance (Z 0803), paragraph 1

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You must submit the customs declaration in writing:

  • Download the form for the "Customs declaration for removal goods" (Form 0350) via the website of the Federal Finance Administration.
  • Complete the form in full and sign it.
    • when entering with removal goods: hand in your customs declaration at the customs office.
    • in postal traffic: enclose your customs declaration in a dispatch bag on the parcel and mark it "Umzugsgut".
  • Customs officials will check your declaration.
  • If necessary, further checks will follow, for example an inspection of the goods.
  • You will receive a copy of the customs declaration.

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