Declare cash and certain other funds when crossing the border Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If you are carrying cash or certain other funds of EUR 10,000 or more when entering or leaving Germany, you must inform Customs.

If you are carrying cash or certain other funds of EUR 10,000 or more when entering or leaving Germany, you must inform Customs.
The customs authorities monitor the movement of cash across Germany's borders. This applies, among other things, to travel from and to the European Union (third countries).

For cash, you must observe certain declaration requirements for a total value of EUR 10,000 or more. You must convert foreign currencies into euros using the exchange rate on the day of entry or exit.

Cash is considered to be:

  • Cash such as banknotes and coins that are valid means of payment,
  • Banknotes and coins that are not valid means of payment but can still be exchanged for a currency that is valid means of payment. For example, the exchange of German marks or Austrian schillings into euros is still possible.
  • transferable bearer instruments, such as traveler's checks, promissory notes and certain money orders
  • commodities that have a high value in relation to their volume; these are coins with a gold content of at least 90 percent and gold bars, nuggets or nuggets with a gold content of at least 99.5 percent

Basically none, but if required documents about

  • the co-leader,
  • the owner
  • the recipient,
  • the economic origin and
  • the purpose of use of the cash
  • Forms: yes
  • Online procedure: no
  • Written form required:
    • in case of cash and border crossing to or from a third country: yes
    • in other cases: no
  • personal appearance required: yes


  • You are entering Germany from a third country, leaving Germany for a third country or transiting through Germany, and
  • You are carrying cash with a total value of EUR 10,000 or more.

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On your way to or from a third country, you must declare cash of EUR 10,000 or more in writing:

  • You must declare cash in writing, without being asked to do so, to the responsible German customs office when entering or leaving the country.
  • For this purpose, use the form "Declaration of Cash". You can download the form in German and English from the customs website.
  • When crossing the border, hand in the completed form to a customs official at the customs office.
  • When crossing the border, pay attention to the signs on site and ask for counters where you can hand in the declaration.
  • If you are entering Germany by plane, you may not use the green exit, but must hand in the declaration at the red exit.
  • Make sure that the declaration form and any additional sheets used are signed when you present them to customs.
  • Customs will verify your information. If necessary, you may need to provide appropriate receipts, deeds or other documents.
  • If your information and statements are proper, complete, and conclusive, and there is no reason to believe that the cash may be related to crime or misdemeanor, you may continue your trip unimpeded with your cash.
  • If there is reason to believe this, Customs may seize the cash within the framework of the legal regulations and time limits in order to clarify its origin or purpose.

Note: Customs may inspect the means of transport and your baggage during inspections. If there is reason to believe that you are carrying cash under your clothing, Customs officers may also physically search you.

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