Supported Employment: Applying for an individual in-company qualification for people with disabilities Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If you need special assistance in integrating into working life and are currently unable to complete any training or further training due to your disability, you can receive individual in-company qualification within the framework of Supported Employment.

The individual in-company qualification within the framework of Supported Employment is intended to offer you vocational prospects for participation in working life through individual qualifications directly in the company. If your employment agency is the responsible rehabilitation agency, it will assume the costs.

You get the chance to take up an occupation in the general labour market which corresponds to your abilities and wishes, even without formal qualifications.

According to the motto "first place, then qualify", you will be placed in a company as quickly as possible. You will expand your personal skills, develop your social competence and acquire further knowledge.

For this purpose, a qualification trainer will be at your side. This person works for a provider who implements and accompanies your measure. It is also their task to look for the in-company qualification places with you. The provider has a large regional network and many employer contacts.

The individual in-company qualification is divided into 3 phases:

  • Entry phase: you try out vocational interests and test your skills in one or more companies if required. Together with your qualification trainer you look for suitable qualification places and find out in which areas you need support and qualification.
  • Qualification phase: You will receive a practice-oriented qualification and will be trained in one or more qualification positions. In addition, you will be taught the inter-professional knowledge you need for your work on project days at your provider.
  • Stabilisation phase: This begins as soon as you fill the job that has been tailored to you, your qualification trainer determines that you no longer need qualification and the company holds out the prospect of taking you on. You will train your tasks and competences in detail in your daily work and strengthen and consolidate your independence. In addition, all participants are intensively prepared for your employment.

The length of the individual phases depends on your individual requirements.

The individual in-company qualification lasts up to 24 months. In individual cases, it can be extended by a maximum of 12 months. The aim is for you to obtain an employment relationship that is subject to social insurance contributions as a result of the in-company qualification.

During the individual in-company qualification, you will be covered by health, nursing care, accident and pension insurance. In addition, you are entitled to either training allowance or transitional allowance.

Please ask your advisor what documents you need when you contact them.

Forms: none
Online procedure possible: no
Written form required: no
Personal appearance required: yes


  • You have a disability and your rehabilitation provider is the Federal Employment Agency.
  • Your prospects of participating or re-participating in working life are permanently significantly reduced due to the nature or severity of your disability and you therefore need assistance to participate in working life.
    • Or: You are threatened by a disability with the same occupational consequences.
  • You can work in the general labour market, but you need special support because of your disabilities and other measures cannot currently help you sufficiently to participate in working life because of your disabilities.
  • You do not need special offers from a workshop for disabled people or another service provider.

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In order for you to receive an individual in-company qualification within the framework of Supported Employment, you must contact your employment agency:

  • To do this, make an appointment with the Vocational Rehabilitation and Participation Team of your Employment Agency
    • If you do not yet have a personal contact person at the employment agency, make an appointment by calling the free telephone number 0800 4555500.
  • In a personal meeting, you will clarify together whether this measure is suitable for you.
  • If your adviser determines that the support will help you to participate in working life, you will either be registered with a provider who implements the measure on behalf of the Employment Agency or advised on possible alternatives (benefit as a personal budget).
  • Your adviser will also discuss with you the forms you need to fill in.
  • Once the date for the start of your participation in the measure has been set, you will be informed.

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