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Certificate of employment As an employer, you are obliged - on request - to issue a certificate of employment to your employees or to the Employment Agency. The certificate of employment contains, among other things the type of employment, the beginning and end of employment subject to compulsory insurance, as well as any interruptions, the reason for the termination of the employment relationship, and the amount of the earnings subject to contributions. The employment certificate is required for the decision on the entitlement to unemployment benefit and transitional allowance, and for drawing up supporting documents for employees who have applied for or are receiving benefits from foreign institutions (certificate of employment for the purposes of supranational and intergovernmental law). Secondary income certificate You must issue a secondary income certificate to a person whom you employ or to whom you entrust a self-employed activity if that person receives unemployment benefit, vocational training allowance, training allowance, transitional allowance or Short-time allowance has applied for or is receiving. The secondary income certificate includes information on the amount of remuneration and the working hours. This certificate is required because the secondary employment or the secondary income can affect the benefit entitlement and its amount. If you do not issue the certificate of employment or the certificate of supplementary income, you will be committing an administrative offence. A possible fine is up to EUR 2,000. If the certificate contains false information, you may be liable for damages and possibly even for criminal prosecution.


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The certificate of employment is to be issued at the request of the employee or the Federal Employment Agency. The ancillary income certificate is to be issued if the employed or commissioned person has applied for or is receiving current cash benefits.
You can issue and transmit the certificate of employment and supplementary income electronically or in writing. As of 1 January 2023, electronic transmission is generally mandatory. Exception: If you prepare or transmit secondary income statements for employees in private households, you may continue to use the written form. If you choose to issue the statement electronically: The individual to whom the statement pertains may object to electronic transmission before January 1, 2023. You have 2 options for transmitting the data electronically to the Federal Employment Agency: via your payroll software, provided it has a corresponding function, or via the electronic completion aid "sv-net" - social security on the Internet. The certificates are stored in an electronic file. A printout is sent to the employee. If you are granting transitional allowance, you as the employer are obliged to transmit the attestation electronically. To do so, you must use secure and encrypted data transmission and system-tested programs or machine-generated completion aids. If you want to issue the attestation in writing: Download the individually required form on the website of the Federal Employment Agency. You can only use the forms provided by the Federal Employment Agency. Fill out the form completely, print it out and sign it. Submit the documents to the Employment Agency in whose district the employee or the person entitled to benefits to whom the certificate relates is resident. Or send them to the employee.

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