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If your company has to cut jobs, you can use transfer measures to help your employees find employment, find a new employer and avoid becoming unemployed. The employment agency will pay half of the costs.

As an employer, you intend a change in operations with permanent job cuts. You and the works representation (works council) take part in a transfer consultation with the Federal Employment Agency and apply for funding for participation in transfer measures for your affected employees. You then receive a subsidy from the Federal Employment Agency for transfer measures. The subsidised measures are intended to help your former employees to integrate into other companies or to facilitate their transition to self-employment.

You can apply for funding for the following measures:

  • Measures, such as tests, to determine the performance capacity, labour market opportunities and qualification needs of the workforce ("profiling").
  • job application or orientation seminars that offer targeted help with applications and job searches
  • external placement ("outplacement counselling")
  • Short qualification measures, for example practical further training in crafts without theory or
  • imparting basic knowledge for a new profession
  • Internships
  • Continuation of training for apprentices
  • Business start-up advice (self-employment)

The Federal Employment Agency assumes 50 percent of the costs for transfer measures, up to a maximum of EUR 2,500 per employee.

As an employer, you initially pay for the transfer measures in advance. The subsidy is paid to you retroactively.

You can apply for transfer measures for employees whose jobs are permanently lost.

Once you have received financial support for a transfer measure, you can usually also apply for transfer short-time allowance for your employees. Ask your employment agency for advice on this.

You must include these attachments with your application for funding to participate in transfer measures:

  • Social plan Reconciliation of interests or comparable agreement
  • Personnel adjustment concept
  • Project calculation
  • List of participants
  • Agreement on the operational change and implementation of transfer measures
  • Measure concept
  • Declaration of the executing agency that the implementation of the measure is secured

After completion of transfer measures: Settlement list for the funding of participation in transfer measures. If necessary, further required documents will be requested by your employment agency.

Forms: yes
Online procedure possible: yes
Written form required: yes
Personal appearance required: no

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Minimum requirements:

  • In order to receive subsidies for transfer measures in your company, you must first complete a transfer consultation with the Employment Agency.

Company requirements:

  • Due to changes in your business you have to reduce jobs.
  • The job losses in your company are permanent and unavoidable.
  • You have reported the job loss to your employment agency.
  • You bear 50 percent of the costs of the measure.

Personal requirements:

  • Your employees are threatened by unemployment and have registered as job seekers.
  • You have not yet given notice to your affected employees subject to social insurance contributions and have not concluded a termination agreement.

Further prerequisites:

  • The transfer measure you have applied for is not carried out by you, but by an approved measure provider. This organization must have its own quality assurance system.
  • The measure will be carried out in any case.
  • Your transfer measure does not serve the purpose of subsequently employing the employee again in your company, enterprise or group.

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You can apply for transfer measures in writing and online. The application procedure is multi-stage. First, you contact your employment agency for a transfer consultation. Then you submit the written application and settle the measure costs in writing:

  • Report the impending job loss to your employment agency.
  • You discuss suitable transfer measures with your employment agency in a transfer consultation.
  • You then submit an application for funding of the transfer measures (form: Application for funding of participation in transfer measures).
  • The Employment Agency will examine the application and you will receive a written decision.
  • After the measure has been carried out, you apply for payment of the subsidies with a settlement list.
    • You fill out the corresponding application (Form: Settlement List for Promotion of Participation in Transfer Measures) and submit it to your employment agency office.
    • The Employment Agency checks the settlement. You will receive a written decision on this. Grants that have been approved will be transferred to you.

If you want to apply for the transfer measures online

  • You submit the application, the statement of account, if applicable, other documents via the online portal "eServices" of the Federal Employment Agency.
  • The remaining procedural steps correspond to the written procedure.

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