Apply for free funding SGB II Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If you have further, labour market-related support needs in addition to the other legally regulated support services for integration into work, you can apply for benefits of the so-called free support SGB II in individual cases.

With the support services of SGB III and SGB II, there are good possibilities for your job centre to support you in your integration into work. In cases where these support options are not sufficient, the so-called Free Support SGB II can offer additional support.

Your responsible integration specialist will decide whether support from the SGB II free subsidy is necessary and possible in your specific situation and, if so, how it can be structured. In principle, both financial benefits and participation in measures can be considered. You do not have a legal claim to the support.

Please clarify which specific documents are required with your integration specialist.

Forms: partially
Online procedure possible: no
Written form required: no
Personal appearance required: no

You can find out whether and which forms are necessary from your responsible Jobcenter.


You can receive benefits of the free promotion SGB II, if

  • you submit an application for this
  • you are a person entitled to benefits within the meaning of SGB II who is capable of working
  • the other statutory support benefits for integration into work (SGB III or SGB II) alone are not sufficient to support the same content in the same way.
  • the free SGB II support does not circumvent or top up the other statutory support benefits for integration into work.
  • no other social service provider (e.g. your municipality or health or pension insurance) is responsible for the support. This is the case, for example, with
    • municipal integration benefits (for example, childcare, debt counselling)
    • Language support from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees
    • benefits from child and youth welfare services
    • benefits from health or pension insurance

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  • Please discuss your support needs with your integration specialist. Make an appointment for this as early as possible.
  • Together with your integration specialist, you will discuss whether support from the SGB II Independent Support is necessary and possible for your integration into the labour market, or whether other support services can be used first.
  • If it is possible to receive support from the SGB II free support scheme, your integration specialist will discuss with you what the next steps will be.

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