Make use of the career counselling services of the Federal Employment Agency Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If you need help in choosing a career or in reorienting yourself professionally, you can turn to the career counselling service of the Employment Agency.

Pre-employment career counselling

If you are not yet in working life, career guidance advises and supports you with questions about career and study choices.

You have already left school or will do so soon and are thus faced with the challenge of finding a profession that matches your wishes, abilities and interests. In doing so, you are faced with many questions. The career counselling service will help you find answers and support you in this process:

  • Clarify questions about career or study content,
  • get information about the training or job market,
  • take a career or study selection test,
  • find a suitable profession or course of study,
  • to find an apprenticeship,
  • to clarify questions about the application,
  • to find alternatives to the desired occupation if the training position does not work out immediately,
  • overcoming difficulties at school or financial hurdles during training.

The personal counselling service is supported by online services.

Even if you are considering changing your training or your field of study or taking a new career path, a discussion with a careers adviser can provide you with helpful information about the existing options.

Career counselling involves individual discussions to clarify your career wishes, interests and strengths in order to find suitable occupations or a suitable course of study for you. Vocational guidance can be followed by the placement of a suitable apprenticeship.

Vocational guidance in working life

If you are or have been in working life and would like to return to work, the career guidance service will advise and support you on issues such as career change or reorientation, career planning and further training opportunities and their financing.

The personal counselling service is supported by online services.

Vocational guidance in working life supports you in detail with:

  • the consolidation of your employment or training relationship,
  • new professional orientation or reorientation,
  • questions about returning to work,
  • questions about starting a career after training or studying, and
  • questions about (financial support) possibilities for further vocational training.


Forms: none
Online procedure possible: no
Written form required: no
Personal appearance required: yes



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If you need support with your career choice or career orientation, you can make an appointment for a personal counselling session at your local employment agency.

This is possible

  • in person at your local Employment Agency
  • by telephone on the free service hotline of the Federal Employment Agency.

Career guidance also regularly comes to schools and colleges. As a pupil or student, you can also have your personal counselling interview at your school or university. Ask the careers adviser for an appointment.

You will receive an invitation to the counselling appointment by post.

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