The introductory qualification prepares young people in a company for in-company vocational training. Employers can receive a subsidy for the internship remuneration. Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If you would like to introduce young people to vocational training in your company through a paid internship, you can apply for a grant towards the internship allowance.

With the introductory qualification, you can prepare young people who have already decided on a specific profession for training in your company. Within the framework of a paid internship, they are introduced to the future training content and can demonstrate their skills.
You can apply for a monthly allowance of up to EUR 247.00 plus a flat-rate share of the average total social insurance contribution for the internship remuneration.
In terms of content, the internship should be oriented towards the future training occupation. In addition, you should aim to take on the trainee in your company.
Eligible for funding are:

  • Training applicants registered with the Employment Agency with limited placement prospects for individual reasons who do not have a training place even after the nationwide follow-up placement campaigns,
  • Training seekers who do not yet have the full training maturity required, and
  • People with learning difficulties and socially disadvantaged training seekers.

This also applies to young people who are capable of working and who receive basic benefits from the Job Centre.
As a rule, funding begins no earlier than 1.10. of each year. An early start of the measure from 1.8. is generally possible.

  • Contract on an introductory training between the company and the young person
  • Forms: yes
  • Online procedure possible: no
  • Written form required: yes
  • Personal appearance required: no

Application for funding of the introductory qualification


  • The internship must:
    • last between 6 and 12 months.
    • be remunerated and socially insured.
  • The trainee must belong to the eligible group of persons. This must be checked by the employment agency or the job centre.
  • The trainee must not have been employed in your company before.
  • The introductory training may not take place in the company of the spouse, life partner or parents.
  • If vocational school is compulsory, the trainee must attend vocational school and be registered in the relevant technical class.

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You must apply for the grant for entry qualification in writing:

  • Specify internship content, duration, remuneration and suitability criteria for the participants and report the open offer to your chamber and to your employment agency.
  • You will then receive information about a provisional funding commitment.
  • If your prospective trainees are not yet registered with the employment agency or do not receive benefits from the job centre, please ask them to register with the employment agency. This is the only way to check whether they belong to the group of persons eligible for funding.
  • If the applicant belongs to the eligible group of persons, you conclude an EQ contract with him or her. You can download the sample contract or ask your chamber for it.
  • Before the start of the internship, apply to the employment agency or the job centre for a subsidy for the internship remuneration. Attach a copy of the EQ contract.
  • Then register the trainee with the health insurance fund and the employers' liability insurance association.
  • You will receive written notification from the Employment Agency or the Job Centre as to whether the subsidy will be granted.
  • If your applicant is required to attend vocational school, you must register him or her at the vocational school and preferably in the appropriate technical class before the internship begins.
  • If your trainee needs support with the entry qualification, he or she should coordinate this with the Employment Agency or the Job Centre and apply for these support services if required.

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