Requesting official acts subject to customs duties Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

As a rule, you do not have to pay any costs for official acts, i.e. services provided by the customs administration. However, in certain cases, costs (fees and expenses) are incurred for special customs administration activities. For example, costs are incurred Official acts which, on request, take place outside the official place or office or outside opening hours. Except official acts the tax inspectorate which, for reasons attributable to the Customs Administration's area of responsibility, cannot take place at the office location or not within the opening hours the storage of non-Union goods by the customs office official acts, in particular those of customs supervision, carried out at aerodromes which are not customs aerodromes the official guarding and escorting of means of transport or goods official acts which give rise to an administrative burden because they are carried out at a specific time at the request of the customs authorities official acts relating to the tax warehousing of alcohol, except where this is a tax supervision measure supervision of operations involving the use of equipment, containers or devices under permanent official surveillance for purposes other than those declared official surveillance of sealed bonded warehouses official acts in connection with the destruction of goods, in particular their customs supervision official acts in connection with the discharge of excise goods in free circulation or the granting of an export refund outside the official place or office or outside opening hours supervision or denaturing for the purpose of obtaining a tax or price concession, with the exception of denaturing duly carried out by the tax warehousekeeper himself the examination of goods in certain cases the making of photocopies and copies Customs charges are levied in addition to any import or export duties that may be payable. You must apply for the chargeable official act in advance.

You do not have to submit any additional documents. However, you can do so if the documents are helpful for processing the application.

Forms: yes Online procedure possible: no Written form required: no Personal appearance required: no

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You are making use of a special service provided by customs. The applicant and the debtor must be identifiable. The requested official act must be feasible according to practical standards.
You must usually request the official action for which a fee is charged in advance. Informal request: You can make the request informally, in writing by email or fax, or orally by phone. Written request with form: You can use a form for the written request in certain cases. The form is required for action by the customs administration in industrial property matters. Go to the website of the Customs Administration and download the "Application for the performance of an official act for which a fee is payable (Form 0009)". Fill in the form and send it by e-mail or fax to your competent customs administration. Jurisdiction depends on your place of residence. The customs administration will examine and approve your application. You will receive a decision. There is no legal entitlement to the performance of the official act for which a charge has been made. The decision as to whether an official act is to take place as requested is made by the customs office within the scope of its organisational and staffing possibilities. After the official action has been carried out, you will receive a separate notification of costs. Pay the appropriate fee.

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