Apply for funding for the production of a feature film or documentary film Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If you produce an artistically outstanding programme-length feature film or documentary, you can receive funding under certain conditions.

As the producer of a feature film or documentary, you can apply for federal film funding to produce the film. The funding is awarded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM).

Funding can be provided for

  • the production of a programme-length feature film or documentary (at least 79 minutes).

Grants of up to EUR 500,000 are awarded, in justified exceptional cases up to EUR 1,000,000. As a rule, only feature films and documentaries with production costs of up to EUR 5 million are eligible for funding. In justified exceptional cases, films with higher production costs can also be funded.

Among other things, your film must have a "significant German cultural impact" as defined in the BKM Film Funding Guidelines. This includes, among other things, the original language of the film, the producer's company headquarters, the financing and the exploitation in cinemas in Germany.

  • Short description, maximum one DIN A4 page,

  • script in German,

    • for animated films: storyboard, if applicable,
    • for documentaries: treatment,
  • Proof of closed chain of rights,

  • Company profile with details of previous films by the production company,

  • filmography of the director with

    • information on nationality,
    • details of previous films,
    • viewing links of reference films, if any,
  • Staff list with residency details, including letters of intent, if any.

  • Cast list, if available including letters of intent from important actors or actresses,

  • financing plan including

    • information on the status of the funding components,
    • details of funding meeting dates, and
    • Details of the calculation of own contribution.
  • Preliminary calculation of production costs,

  • evaluation concept and, if applicable, distribution commitment,

  • if you are resubmitting: explanations of what changes you have made to the project.

Forms: yes

Online procedure: no

Written form required: yes

Personal appearance required: no

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Your film project as a producer can be funded if the following requirements are met:

  • It is a programme-length feature film or documentary of at least 79 minutes intended for public exploitation in cinemas.

  • "considerable German cultural impact" as defined by the BKM film funding guidelines:

    • Original language German or

    • Director with German citizenship or permanent residence in Germany or citizenship of a country of the European Union, another contracting state of the European Economic Area or Switzerland.

    • The financial participation of the producer or several producers, in each case with a registered office or branch in Germany, shall be

      • a) at least as large as the largest financial participation of a foreign manufacturer involved in the manufacture, or
      • b) in the case of joint participation of several foreign manufacturers with registered offices in the same country, at least as large as the largest total participation of foreign manufacturers with registered offices in the same country.
    • The lead producer must be a resident of Germany or a citizen of a country of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland.

  • The production costs of your film must not exceed EUR 5 million. Only in justified exceptions can films with higher production costs be considered.

  • Funding can amount to up to 80 percent of the estimated, approved production costs.

  • You contribute an appropriate share to the financing of the film (at least 5 percent).

  • You have not yet started shooting or animating the film.

  • They will produce a final version of the film in German. In the case of documentaries and short films, German subtitles are sufficient for the cinema screening.

  • You will produce a version with German subtitles for people with hearing disabilities and with German audio description for people with visual disabilities.

  • You will comply with the embargo periods after the first theatrical release according to the German Film Subsidies Act.

In justified exceptional cases, individual requirements may be waived.

Projects that are to be financed with university funds cannot be funded, such as practice and graduation films.


If your project was not considered in a previous round, you can resubmit it once. You must then have developed it further in essential points and explain in detail what you have changed. A change is not necessary if formal reasons for the rejection were decisive and no longer exist.

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You must submit your funding application in writing and also by e-mail:

  • Download the "Application for production funding for a programme-filling film project" from the BKM website.
  • Fill out the application and compile all the necessary documents. Please only use punched or stapled documents without a cover. Enclose the script separately.
  • Send the application form and the attachments by post to the Federal Archives.
  • In addition, send the application form and the enclosed documents as a single PDF file to the BKM ( or dokumentar ).
  • The independent "Feature Film Jury" or the "Documentary Film Jury" will examine your submission and recommend a decision to the BKM. The juries meet three times a year.
  • The BKM decides on your funding application.
  • You will receive written notification from the BKM as to whether your application has been approved or rejected.

If your application is approved:

  • The Filmförderungsanstalt (FFA) is responsible for processing the funding. Further details will be provided in the notification of funding (preliminary decision by the BKM).
  • You may commence production of the film project once the FFA's notification of award has become final. In order for the notice of grant to be issued, it is necessary, among other things, to conclude the financing of the film project.
  • Now produce the film.
  • After completion of the film, you must submit a proof of use, including a final cost statement.
  • After completion, you must send the BKM two voucher DVDs and inform them of the film's theatrical release, festival participations, awards and nominations, and other details.
  • After filming, you must generally provide the Federal Archive with a copy of the film and register the film in accordance with the Federal Archive Act.

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