Receive information on own vehicles Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

You can apply online for information about yourself from the Central Vehicle Register at the Federal Motor Transport Authority.

The Central Vehicle Register stores the vehicle and owner data transmitted by the local registration authorities and, in addition, by the insurance companies for all vehicles bearing a registration plate or an insurance registration plate.

In addition, search notes are included in the database for individual vehicles. This includes information on theft and other loss as well as reports, such as information on uninsured vehicles.

In addition, the data on main inspections and safety inspections reported by the monitoring institutions are stored in the Central Vehicle Register.

With the online register information service, you can obtain information about the data stored in the Central Vehicle Register for your vehicle as the registered keeper.

Request for information by mail:

  • Copy of your identity card or residence permit (front and back)

Form: yes
Online procedure possible: yes
Written form required: no
Personal appearance required: no


You can obtain the information without any further requirements.


Online register information can only be generated if the corresponding data records in the Central Vehicle Register can be clearly identified on the basis of the available personal data.

Alternatively, a request for information can be sent in writing to the KBA, Section 223.

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You can obtain information from the Central Vehicle Register via the online register information on the website of the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA):

  • Select the information from the Central Vehicle Register.
  • For online register information, you need the online ID function of your identity card or electronic residence title for authentication.
  • Enter your title, if it is not already listed, and the desired language (German and/or English) for the information.
  • If several vehicles are registered to you, you can select the relevant vehicles in an intermediate step.
  • You can now download the information directly as a PDF document.

Alternatively, you can receive the information by post:

  • Download the form "Application for information from the Central Vehicle Register (ZFZR)" from the KBA website.
  • Fill out the form and add the required documents.
  • Then send the form to the KBA.
  • After the KBA has processed this, you will receive the result by post.

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