Apply for an identity card for German citizens with permanent residence abroad Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If you have German citizenship and do not live in Germany, you can apply for an identity card at selected missions abroad which have been designated as identity card authorities by the Federal Foreign Office.

As a person with German citizenship and permanent residence abroad, you are not subject to the general obligation to register and therefore also not subject to the obligation to produce an identity card within Germany.

However, it is possible for you to apply for an identity card in person at selected German missions abroad which have been designated as identity card authorities by the Federal Foreign Office or, under certain conditions, at any citizens' registration office in Germany.

Please enquire beforehand at the mission abroad in whose district you are staying whether it can issue identity cards, as not all missions abroad are also identity card authorities.

When submitting your application you will need to submit:

  • biometric passport photo
  • if you have moved away from Germany (also: non-residents, world travellers):
    • certificate of deregistration from your last German place of residence, if a German place of residence is still entered in your most recent identity document;
  • If your foreign address is to be entered on your identity card: additional proof of your habitual residence abroad, e.g. foreigner's identity card, registration certificate from your host country, tenancy agreement, telephone, electricity or gas bills.

Please note in this respect that the online function of an identity card can only be used if a foreign address is recorded.

  • Your previous identity card or passport or children's passport,
  • in case of loss of the old document: additionally a police report of loss;

in the case of an initial application or changes that have occurred

  • Birth/parentage certificate, alternatively German marriage/partnership certificate, German family book;
  • If you are or were married/partnered:
  • Marriage/partnership certificate with note on name keeping or extract from the family register with note on name keeping if married abroad, if applicable name certificate according to German law;
  • If applicable, certificate of acquisition of German citizenship (naturalisation certificate in the case of first application);
  • if applicable, certificate of acquisition of a foreign nationality;
  • if applicable, doctoral degree certificate (in German or English, with name and date of birth), if the doctoral degree cannot be derived from a previous passport/identity card and the entry in the new passport/identity card is desired;

for children under 16 years additionally:

  • for birth in Germany after 01.01.2000, if at least one parent did not have German citizenship at that time: birth register extract;
  • for children of married parents: Marriage certificate of the parents;
  • for children of divorced parents and sole custody of one parent: Proof of sole custody by custody decree or divorce decree; if applicable, recognition of a foreign divorce decree for the German legal sphere;
  • for children born to parents who were not married at the time of birth: acknowledgement of paternity and custody agreement in accordance with the law of the child's country of residence;
  • if applicable, certificate of acquisition of German citizenship;

Please bring all documents with you in the original and one copy. Please note that in individual cases it may be necessary to submit further certificates and documents.

  • Forms: yes
  • Online procedure possible: no
  • Written form necessary: yes
  • Personal appearance: yes

The application for the issue of an identity card in Germany is informal.

Please use the application forms provided by the German mission abroad responsible for you.


The following can apply for an identity card

  • Persons with German citizenship regardless of their age

Section 1(4)(2) of the Identity Card Act (PAuswG);

Section 8(8) of the Personalausweisgesetz (PAuswG);

Section 35 Identity Card Act (PAuswG);

Section 2 KonsG

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You must apply for your identity card in person at the mission abroad responsible for you or at a citizens' registration office.
Details on how to apply abroad and the application form can be found on the website of the respective mission abroad.
Overview of German missions abroad.

  • Please compile the necessary documents and make an appointment by telephone, by e-mail or online via the appointment booking system at the mission or citizens' registration office responsible for you.
  • You will have to pay the fee when you apply in person - please enquire in advance about the payment options (cash, giro or credit card).
  • Pick up your identity card at your local diplomatic mission or citizens' registration office or clarify the procedure for handing over documents when submitting your application.

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