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If you are a market player in the electricity or gas market, you must register in the Market Master Data Register (MaStR) of the Federal Network Agency.

As the central register for the energy transition, the Market Master Data Register (MaStR) collects data on all relevant market players in the electricity and gas energy markets and, in a second step, on all generation plants:

  • All new plants and all existing plants,
  • plants for the generation of renewable and conventional energy,
  • electricity and gas generation plants.

If you operate an electricity or gas generation plant (e.g. photovoltaic plant, wind energy plant, combined heat and power plant, battery storage, biomethane plant), you must register it in the MaStR. You are also obliged to register if no subsidy is granted or claimed for the electricity from the plant.
All running plants must be registered regardless of when they were commissioned - even if your plant has been running for many years. This means that even if you have already registered your plant in various other places, for example with your grid operator or in previous registers of the Federal Network Agency, you must register these plants again in the MaStR.
As a citizen (natural person), you can also register via forms in exceptional cases upon request.
Authorities can access the data in the MaStR. This enables them to either significantly simplify their own surveys or dispense with them altogether. Plant operators and other market players can refer to the data they have entered in the MaStR.

No special documents are required for registration as a market player. For the registration of the units in the second step, the documents are listed separately.

Forms: in exceptional cases only for natural persons on request (by telephone or in writing)

Online procedure: yes

Written form required: no

Personal appearance required: no

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You do not have to meet any prerequisites.

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If you would like to register yourself as an operator and your electricity and gas generation plants in the MaStR, you can do so via the MaStR Internet portal:

  • Access the MaStR Internet portal and first register as a user with a valid e-mail address.
  • Log on to the MaStR Internet portal and register as a plant operator.
  • Then register your unit in the second step.
  • Upon successful registration, the system will provide you with your registration certificate with your registration numbers (MaStR numbers).
  • You can make changes and corrections online at any time.

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