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The sale of new electrically powered vehicles is promoted with an environmental bonus. An environmental bonus of EUR 4,000 is granted to you for the purchase of a purely electrically powered vehicle a fuel cell vehicle or another vehicle that does not cause any local CO2 emissions during its journey. An environmental bonus of EUR 3,000 will be granted to you for the purchase of a hybrid electric vehicle that can be charged from the outside (plug-in hybrid), a vehicle that produces less than 50 g of CO2 emissions per km. The environmental bonus is intended to promote the acceptance of electric mobility. It is paid half by the federal government and half by the industry. This performance information deals only with the federal government's share of the environmental bonus.

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Eligible to apply for the environmental bonus are: Private individuals Companies Foundations Corporations Associations Not eligible to apply are The federal and state governments and their agencies and municipalities, car manufacturers who participate in the financing of the environmental bonus, and their subsidiaries, and all other subsidiaries of the parent company of the automobile manufacturer over which this parent company can directly or indirectly exercise a controlling influence, applicants in respect of whose assets insolvency proceedings have been applied for or opened, The same applies to applicants and, if the applicant is a legal entity, to the owner of the legal entity who have made or are obliged to make a declaration of assets pursuant to Section 802c of the Code of Civil Procedure or Section 284 of the Tax Code. Eligibility requirements: The vehicle model must be on the list of eligible vehicles. It must be a new vehicle that is being registered for the first time. The acquisition (purchase or lease) and initial registration must have occurred on or after May 18, 2016. The vehicle must be registered domestically to the applicant and remain registered for at least six months. If you are applying for the federal share of the environmental bonus, the car industry's share of the environmental bonus must have already been paid. This is determined by BAFA by comparing your purchase costs with the net list prices of the respective base models available to the office. Further requirements can be found in the funding guidelines.
The federal share of the environmental bonus is funded in a two-stage procedure. Stage 1 (application) Please submit your application electronically using the above online form on the portal of the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control. When submitting the application, you must upload the purchase or leasing contract or the binding order for the vehicle to the online portal. Once the application has been checked, you will receive a notification of funding. Stage 2 (proof of use) You must then provide electronic proof that the vehicle has been used in accordance with the requirements of the funding guidelines. To do this, you must upload the invoice and proof of the vehicle's registration (Registration Certificate Parts I and II) to the Federal Office's online portal. The new vehicle must be registered no later than nine months after receipt of the funding decision. A maximum of 10 months may elapse between receipt of the award notification and receipt of the proof of use by BAFA. After a positive review by the BAFA, the federal share of the environmental bonus will be paid to the account specified by you. All further details on the procedure can be found in the funding guidelines.

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