Registering renewable energy systems with the Federal Network Agency Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If you are the operator of a renewable energy system, you must report the system to the Federal Network Agency.

Renewable energy systems must be reported using the pdf form, which is to be emailed to the Federal Network Agency.

Bundesnetzagentur (BNetzA), DLZ 60
+49 561 7292-120

As an operator of a renewable energy system, you are required by law to register your renewable energy system if you have have been granted a permit to construct or operate a plant - this excludes solar plants (with the exception of ground-mounted plants) and small wind and gas-fired power plants, are commissioning an installation for the first time operate an installation with renewable energy sources for the first time, make a change to the installed capacity of the installation or upgrade their hydroelectric installation, permanently decommission their installation, wish to continue to receive the initial tariff after five years as a wind turbine operator, or wish to claim the flexibility premium for the first time.
Download the pdf form. Fill out the form on the computer. Save the form. Send the form by e-mail to . If there are any changes to the reported data, report them using the form in the designated way.

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