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If your company belongs to the construction industry or an equivalent company and you have work stoppages during the so-called bad weather period, you can partially compensate for the loss of earnings of your employees with seasonal short-time allowance.

If your construction company cannot carry out its work due to snowfall, seasonal short-time allowance can partially compensate for the loss of pay. It is intended to relieve the burden on your company and help to preserve jobs.

Seasonal short-time allowance is limited to companies in the

  • in the building trade,
  • the scaffolding trade,
  • the roofing trade and
  • gardening and landscaping.

They can only receive the benefit during the so-called bad weather period from December to March. In companies in the scaffolding trade, the bad weather period begins as early as November and ends in March. This regulation for the scaffolding trade is currently valid for a limited period until 31.3.2021.

As an employer, you must apply for, pay and settle the seasonal short-time allowance. Your employees do not have to do anything.

Seasonal short-time work can be introduced for your entire business or limited to individual departments.

The amount of the seasonal short-time allowance depends on the respective income of your employees and the actual loss of work/earnings during the seasonal short-time allowance:

  • 60 percent of the lost net wages for employees without a child in the household
  • 67 percent of the lost net wages for employees with at least one child in the household.

In addition to seasonal short-time allowance, you can apply for supplementary benefits for your employees, such as reimbursement of social security contributions.

As a rule, you will receive the seasonal short-time allowance from the first hour of absence.

As an employer, you initially make advance payments when paying wages and salaries to your employees. The short-time allowance is settled monthly in arrears with the Federal Employment Agency at the location of the payroll office and paid to you retroactively.

Temporary changes to the regulations for (seasonal) short-time allowance are possible.

For example, the regulations for short-time allowance were temporarily changed due to the Corona crisis. The changes concern, among other things, the inclusion of minus hours, the imputation of income from secondary employment and a gradual increase in short-time allowance. You can find out more on the website of the Federal Employment Agency.

Settlement list for seasonal short-time allowance and supplementary benefits - annex to the claim for benefits

Forms: yes
Online procedure possible: yes
Written form required: yes
Personal appearance required: no

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Seasonal short-time allowance can be applied for in the case of temporary and unavoidable loss of working hours

  • for economic reasons or
  • for weather-related reasons or
  • as a result of an unavoidable event.

Operational requirements:

  • Your business belongs to the construction trade, scaffolding trade, roofing trade or gardening and landscaping trade.
  • Your business or business department employs at least 1 worker.

Personal requirements:

  • You have employees subject to social insurance contributions who have not been dismissed and with whom no termination agreement has been concluded.


In the event of exceptional developments on the labour market (such as the spread of the coronavirus), the Federal Government or the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs may temporarily adjust the regulations on short-time allowance by decree.

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You can apply for seasonal short-time allowance in writing or online.

If you want to apply for seasonal short-time allowance in writing:

  • You calculate monthly wage and salary payments and seasonal short-time allowance.
  • You pay the wages for hours worked and the seasonal short-time allowance for hours lost to your employees and pay the social security contributions.
  • You apply for reimbursement of the seasonal short-time allowance retroactively each month to the relevant Employment Agency (application for seasonal short-time allowance and payroll list).
  • The Employment Agency checks your application and the payroll list. If your application is approved, you will receive the seasonal short-time allowance. You will receive a written notification of this.
  • After the seasonal short-time allowance has been paid, the Employment Agency will check the accounts you have submitted as part of a final audit and, if necessary, correct the approved seasonal short-time allowance.

If you want to apply for seasonal short-time allowance online:

  • Access the "eServices" portal on the Federal Employment Agency's website.
  • Log in with your user ID and call up the application for seasonal short-time allowance.
  • Fill out the application, upload the payroll list and submit the application.
  • The Employment Agency will check your application and documents. You will receive a decision on your application from the Employment Agency.
  • The remaining procedural steps correspond to the written procedure.

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