Driver's license, apply for an international driver's license, Hamburg-City customer center
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The international driver's license can be applied for at the LBV offices as well as at the customer center in Hamburg-City .

Please bring the following documents with you to the appointment:
  • the valid EU driving license card
  • a valid identity card or passport and, if available, the electronic residence permit
  • a biometric passport photo 35 x 45 mm


The application is only possible

  • if the applicant has his main residence in Hamburg at the time of applying for the driver's license and
  • the driving license is in the new EU card format and was not issued before 01/01/1999.

If you still have one of the old gray or pink driver's licenses, it must first be exchanged for the new EU driving license card. You can find more information on this under the link "LBV driver's license exchange" (see below).


period of validity
The international driving license is valid for a maximum of three years. However, if a category C or D driving license is also to be entered, the period of which is less than three years, the international driving license is also reduced to the period for the registered classes C or D.

Application with power of attorney
Application with power of attorney only directly at the LBV.

The International Driving Permit cannot be extended.

appointment booking
Appointments are booked via Alternatively, you can book an appointment on 040 115.

Section 25a Application for an international driving license (;
Section 25b Issuance of the international driving license (; Schedule of fees for road traffic measures (GebOSt) (

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The application is made on site. The LBV will deliver the new driving license by registered mail to the registration address of the person applying.

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