Education package - information for service providers in the areas of culture, music and sport, billing
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Socio-cultural education package benefits for participating children may also be paid directly to you as the benefit provider. A maximum of 15 euros is granted per child and month.
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  • Membership fees in the areas of sports, games, culture and socializing (e.g. membership in sports clubs).
  • Lessons in artistic subjects and comparable guided activities of cultural education (e.g. music lessons).
  • The purchase or loan of equipment (e.g. rental fee for a musical instrument and soccer shoes) that is directly related to the activity in which the child is participating and that is not part of everyday needs.
  • Participation in free time (the monthly contributions can be saved for up to twelve months within an approval period).
Benefit approval or short notice


Children and young people up to the age of 18 who receive benefits under the Social Security Code (SGB) II, SGB XII or the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act or are entitled to housing benefit or child supplements can receive benefits for education and participation via the Hamburg education package.
Proof of entitlement to benefits (approval or short notice) must be presented (see link 'Example of Achievement Certificates').


The service provider does not have to bill via the billing list. He can also confirm the beneficiary's participation on the "Participation benefit" form, so that the beneficiary receives the flat rate directly from the city and the billing then takes place between the service provider and the beneficiary.
§ 28 paragraph 7 SGB II

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In Hamburg, there are two ways to settle socio-cultural participation benefits.
  1. Payment to the Beneficiary
    The person entitled to benefits applies for the benefit himself in the Eimsbüttel district office and pays the club fees/costs in full himself.
  2. Direct settlement with you as the provider
    The person entitled to benefits will provide you, as the service provider, with a copy of the notification of the social benefit (main benefit notification) or the short BuT notification. Participation in the participation offer is possible immediately. You enter the data required for settlement with the Eimsbüttel district office. Billing takes place via a collective bill in the form of an Excel table if several participants are billed at the same time.
If individual participants are to be billed, this can be done using the billing form " Billing of services from the socio-cultural participation application by the service provider ".
You send the respective billing forms to the district office in Eimsbüttel. The costs actually incurred for the participation activity will be billed. Any difference to the statutory social benefit entitlement of 15 euros per month will be paid out to the beneficiaries. If the costs are more than 15 euros, the difference must be paid to you by the person entitled to benefits.

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