Disclosing employment to a pregnant or breastfeeding woman
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Wenn eine Ihrer Mitarbeiterinnen Ihnen mitgeteilt hat, dass sie schwanger ist oder stillt, müssen Sie dies der zuständigen Aufsichtsbehörde mitteilen.
A woman within the meaning of the Maternity Protection Act is any person who is pregnant, has given birth to a child or is breastfeeding. In principle, your employees are free to decide whether and when to inform you about their pregnancy or breastfeeding period. You do not have to notify the supervisory authority responsible for you until your employee has informed you of your pregnancy.

Regardless of the type of employment, the Maternity Protection Act also applies to:
  • women who work part-time
  • women in marginal part-time employment (mini-jobs),
  • women with fixed-term employment or in the probationary period,
  • Women who are in vocational training and interns,
  • Disabled women employed in a workshop for disabled people
  • Women who work as volunteers within the meaning of the Youth Voluntary Service Act or the Federal Voluntary Service Act, and
  • Women who work as members of a spiritual community, deaconesses or members of a similar community in a permanent position or on the basis of a contract of appointment, also during the time of their extracurricular education there.
  • Name and address of employer/company or training institution
  • name and date of birth of the pregnant or breastfeeding woman employed by you,
  • the type of current activity.
The competent supervisory authority may request further information and documents if something is missing.


As soon as you have the information of a mother-to-be or a mother who is breastfeeding, you must inform the responsible supervisory authority immediately.


Deviating responsibilities may apply to
  • self-employed,
  • Board members and managing directors of legal entities or companies (unless they are also predominantly employed),
  • housewives as well
  • officers, judges and soldiers
federal law:
§ 1 Maternity Protection Act (MuSchG)
URL: https://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/muschg_2018/__1.html

§ 27 paragraph 1 Maternity Protection Act (MuSchG)
URL: https://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/muschg_2018/__27.html
  • You must give informal written or verbal notification of the employment of a pregnant or breastfeeding woman.
  • The online service is to be used in Hamburg. The latter sends the notification electronically to the competent supervisory authority.
  • You can also provide information about the nature and duration of the employment of your pregnant employee in order to avoid queries from the supervisory authority.
  • Note: If you want to employ your pregnant or breastfeeding employee after 8 p.m., you must apply separately. If you want to employ them on Sundays and public holidays, you must notify the supervisory authority.

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