Apply for tax exemptions for children over 18 years of age
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Auch für ein über 18 Jahre altes Kind können Sie einen Kinderfreibetrag beantragen.
In the case of family benefits equalization, child benefit is usually paid during the year. At the end of the calendar year, the tax office checks, as part of an assessment for income tax, whether you have to deduct a child allowance and an additional allowance for the care and education needs of the child or whether it remains with child benefit.
The allowances are always taken into account when calculating the solidarity surcharge and church tax.
You can apply for the child allowance for children who are related to you in the first degree.
Under certain conditions, you can also apply for a child allowance for foster children.
Children over 18 years of age who have not yet reached the age of 25 can be considered under certain conditions. For disabled children there is no age limit for the eligibility under certain conditions.
After completing initial vocational training / a first degree, children of legal age are only taken into account if they are not employed.
  • The required information must be given in the child annex.
  • The information in the child annex is also necessary if the relevant information has already been provided to the family benefits office.
  • Corresponding documents or certificates are e.g. B. School or study certificate, training contract or training certificate


  • They must be related to the child in the first degree
  • In the case of foster children, there must be a family-like relationship and you must not have been admitted for employment purposes. The prerequisite is that the custody and foster relationship with the biological parents no longer exists.
  • Children over 18 years of age who have not yet reached the age of 25 can only be considered if they:
    • be trained for a profession (including schooling); Vocational training also includes the three-month basic training and the subsequent post training within the framework of voluntary military service (Section 58b Soldiers Act) or
    • Cannot start or continue vocational training due to a lack of a training place, or
    • a voluntary social or ecological year (Youth Voluntary Service Act), a European volunteer activity, a development policy voluntary service, a voluntary service of all generations (Section 2 (1a) SGB VII), an international youth voluntary service, a federal voluntary service or another service abroad (Section 5 of the Federal Voluntary Service Act) .
Without age limit, children who cannot support themselves financially because of physical, mental or emotional disabilities are taken into account. The prerequisite, however, is that the handicap occurred before the age of 25.


Zur Berücksichtigung im Rahmen der Einkommensteuererklärung müssen Sie den vollständigen Namen und die Steueridentifikationsnummer für jedes zu berücksichtigende Kind angeben.
Die Angaben in der Anlage Kind sind auch notwendig, wenn Sie entsprechende Angaben bereits gegenüber der Familienkasse gemacht haben.
Section 32 of the Income Tax Act (EStG)
Section 32 (4) of the Income Tax Act (EStG)

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