Child benefit information on the combination form is child's play
Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Der Service mit dem Kombiformular ist bei Geburten in Hamburger Geburtskliniken, im Geburtshaus Hamburg oder im Haus für Geburt und Gesundheit nutzbar. Das Formular steht online zur Verfügung. Eltern können es auch in Papierform in der Geburtseinrichtung erhalten.
With the so-called combination form you can in one go
  • Provide information about the birth,
  • give your child a legally binding name,
  • have the birth certified at the registry office,
  • Order birth certificates
  • Register your child in the registration system
  • Receive the tax identification number for your child
and apply for child benefit at the same time. You no longer need to submit the child benefit application to your family benefits office yourself and you no longer need to enclose your child's birth certificate. You only hand in your documents once to the maternity hospital and receive in the mail:
  • The number of birth certificates you want from the registry office.
  • The notification of the tax identification number for your child from the Federal Central Tax Office.
  • The decision on the determination of child benefit from your family benefits office.
The child benefit is transferred directly to your specified account and the child is automatically entered in the registration system after notarization.
This service is available in all Hamburg maternity clinics and in the Altona birthing center.

Further information on this service, also in eight foreign languages, or on questions about child benefit can be found under the links.

If anything is unclear based on your information, the registry office or the family benefits office will contact you by phone or email.

For a specific target group of parents, there is a pilot online service in the Asklepios Klinik Altona. You can find information in the authorities finder by entering the search term "Child benefit is child's play - information about the online service".

Please enclose the following documents in the original, unless otherwise stated. Foreign-language documents must be submitted together with a translation into the German language that has been prepared by a publicly sworn or recognized translator:

  • For married parents: marriage certificate with reference to the notarization of the birth of the spouses (if this is missing, the birth certificates of the spouses must also be submitted) or the certified copy from the family register (if married before 2009).
  • For unmarried parents: the mother's birth certificate. For the registration of the father: the father's birth certificate and the certificate of acknowledgment of paternity.
If the parents have joint custody, also the certificate of the declaration of custody.
If available, also present the certificate of naming.
  • If the mother is divorced or widowed: marriage certificate stating the dissolution of the marriage. If this information is missing, the divorce decree or the death certificate must also be submitted.
The documents submitted will be returned to you by post as soon as your child has been certified.

The registry office can request the submission of further documents if this is necessary to prove information.

You can reach the registry offices at the address given on the envelope that you receive at the clinic. You will find the contact details of the family benefits office on the following page.


The service with the combination form is available to all parents who give birth to their child in a Hamburg maternity clinic or in the Hamburg Altona birth center. You do not have to be registered in Hamburg.


Section 18 (1) in conjunction with Section 20 in conjunction with Section 19 Personal Status Act (PStG)

The legal basis can be found on the Internet at
Laws on the Internet Personal Status Act

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  • You will receive the combination form with the relevant information at the antenatal appointment in your maternity clinic.
  • You fill out the combination form completely, sign the second and third pages, enclose your documents and put everything in the envelope. Then transfer the fees with the cash register number for the ordered birth certificates listed on the envelope directly after submission.
  • The clinic hands over the envelope to the responsible registry office in Hamburg.
  • In addition, the clinic will notify the registry office of the birth of your child.
  • The registry office certifies the birth of your child and creates the desired birth certificates for you, which you will receive by post.
  • The registry office will then immediately forward your application for child benefit to the family benefits office. This means that your child benefit entitlement can be processed at an early stage and you no longer have to submit your child's birth certificate to the family benefits office.
  • At the same time, the registration office receives notification of the birth of your child from the registry office and transfers the data to the register of residents. In addition, information is forwarded to the Statistical Office for Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein for statistical purposes.
  • The Federal Central Tax Office (BZSt) receives the data about your child from the residents' registration office in order to then create a tax identification number for your child, which you will receive by post.
  • The family benefits office receives the tax identification number required for the application for child benefit from the BZSt.
  • When the Family Benefits Office has received the tax identification number, you will receive a notification of your child benefit application, which you will receive by post.

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