Structure staking out, implementation
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Wenn Sie eine Bebauung ihres Grundstücksplanen, sollten Sie eine Baukörperabsteckung durchführen lassen.
The building structure is the transfer of the planning of a building project in terms of position and height to a plot of land.
On the basis of the building permit, which is presented by you as the person commissioning the construction or the architect, calculations are carried out to determine the location of the building.
As a rough outline, the dimensions for preparatory measures are transferred to the location.
In the case of fine staking out, the dimensions are transferred to the excavation before construction begins.
This results in a transfer of the corners of the structure to cord blocks / batter boards supplied by the customer.
Construction lines outside the construction site are also staked out to secure them.
  • Proof that you are the owner of the property, or
  • Power of attorney from the owner, as well as
  • Building permit

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